Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vain like anything..

And so its my birthday! in a few hours. Feeling blessed for everything, my family, friends and generally life :) And also the invention of photo booth to be able to take amazingly awesome vain pictures and the invention of lightroom for the awesome effects.

Have a great day ahead everyone. Be thankful and be blessed!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

What???? End of CNY celebration already!?

CNY 2012 has come and go swiftly, how time flies when we are swimming through the never-ending strings of architecture assignments (auto-correct auto-corrected my archiTORture) time to add that word into the dictionary! Finally it has taken the toll and I think i'm falling sick after this long haul. NEED A BREAK! D: 

Look what I found in in photo booth, what else other than vain pix! And one of my USB port is not working! annoying maximus time to make a trip down to the city, which can be the excuse for some shopping. Well, it has been a while!!

(pictures taken almost half a year ago)

When oh when am I gonna out-grow all these (too much) vain-pictures-taking I wonder!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy CNY!

Lost track of the day and night. Its the weekend and apparently the new term starts in 2 days time. And we have yet to submit previous semester's work next Thursday. Sounds really complicated but one thing for sure is archit(or)ture is just NEVER ENDING. 

Definitely have to party next weekend after submission before everything starts piling up again!!

Lovely breakfast date with dear Penang mates this morning. Was really hard to move my lazy bump off the bed early in the morning, 10am, not that early actually, for breakfast but yeah, it's definitely great to see the morning sun!! And the town is creepily quite today, all must have flocked to Anfield for the match between Liverpool and Man U but non of my business anyway.

So yeah, us and the lovely sun!! :)

Happy CNY everyone, I bet it has been awesome, coz its the DRAGON YEAR!!! :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grande Arche de la Defense

Alright, 2 blog post at one night. Which proves how sick I am with my bookshelves already!
So much models done for this project you have noooooo idea! and yes I am using the word MUCH.

1:200 model, 1:50 models, 1:20 models, 1:100 model, 1:50 sectional model. it just twirls in its own world making us architecture students go right round right round.


lockers in different scales, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100.


Picture taken at 3am in the studio 2 seconds ago. 
see the sectional 1:100 model i'm holding up?

Obviously slacking while I'm supposed to be finishing this model already, but random click click snap pictures taken in Grande Arche are boss! ;) 
Need people who loves taking pictures like this to travel together!


Happy Dragon Chinese New Year!

It's crazy how time flies, or the fact that Chinese New Year is just in 2 days time, (1 days time in 2 minutes time here) and it scares me that the fact hasn't really hit me yet, about me missing all the Chinese New Year thrill and fun back home, and the fact of me not being home for the first time in 24 years, and to make matter seems more serious, THIS YEAR IS MY DRAGON YEAR! and also the fact that I am twenty four this year. Too much to handle, it's overwhelming!

Plus also, I'm currently in studio in the middle of the night (which makes Chinese New Year 初一 TOMORROW) alone, working for the final submission pin-up on Thursday. This just never ends. I guess it's all about appreciating the journey, one step at a time :)

Wait seems like I'm not done with my emo side yet, watching this touching clip alone in the cold definitely effortlessly heave the emotion within me. :'( :')

Okay back to work, will be having the left over soup from work as my 团圆饭 soup tomorrow. Quite sad lah!!!!! Aihs maximus.... Nevertheless, have a dashing awesome Dragon Year ahead everyone, it's my year, it will be great ;)

Chanel Chinese New Year window display at le Printemps by Karl Lagerfeld. yums...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Double Finger Rings


Been shopping too much lately. Blame the stress :)