Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh the enthusiasm.

So it has been about a month since I moved to a city halfway around the globe. Blessed to have met a group of Malaysians when I was cooking my Tomyam Instant noodles Joe recommended me to buy during our Bangkok trip. I remembered that day, the horrendous-dejavu-no-credit-card-ticket-not-valid-crap-in-"reminiscent"-to-what-happened-to-SIA-air-ticket-from-Melbourne-to-Penang, almost 2 years ago, which-my-London-to-Liverpool-train-ticket-I-bought-is-no-longer-valid-oh-never-mind. Walking down the street looking for a pot to cook my maggie with an empty stomach was definitely not pleasing, not until I bumped into the shopping street, Church street H&M, Primark, River Island, Topshop and all the other wonderland. Anyway enough of shopping craps and back to the topic, no doubt the bunch of them are all younger than me! In fact, they are all younger than me by 2 to 5 years, the horror. Being the youngest in the office and being pampered for a year definitely bulge in the hard time getting used to being the oldest. But it definitely brings back the enthusiasm I used to have. And look how much I've changed. The age is indeed kicking in I must say! However, life here is surprisingly better than I expected. Met a few amazing individuals and slowly getting used to the accent and lifestyle and diving back into architecture studio, yes designing again! Besides, staying just 2 minutes away from Architecture faculty has made studio my second home, since we Masters students are expected to be in studio from 9am-5pm@@ Nevertheless, to own a room to myself? bliss! :) There'll be a final crit next week for our first project, I made myself a promise I'll make myself a laser cut model, and I finally did it today! Never expect working a whole day in the creative workshop can be this draining! But it is definitely worth it to bask in satisfaction once the model is done. *syok sendiri* Alright, no pictures here since Facebook is doing all the post-the-picture-job now :) Have a great day ahead everyone. Life is short, live everyday like it's your last. Be blessed

OH! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TOO! still haven't decided what to dress up as yet. D: