Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In case you are wondering where I got my scores from (which I admit the accompaniment is so much better than my voice =-=) This is it!:

Yeap it's just lyrics and the Chord (written in red) at the side. All the rest of the notes are expressive rhythmic flow,

per se.. =-="

Well, at least I tried. More coming up! Next would be "For the First Time" ft. my brother Tatt! :D

And since we are in the pink mood, let me present to you the pinkest place ever,

❤ HelloKitty Kawaii Paradise ❤

Venus Fort, Odaiba, Japan.

Will be going off for the University of Liverpool Briefing. Yes I know, HOW TIME FLIES!!! In approximately a month's time, I'll be leaving to UK, and now I still haven't sink in the feeling of leaving Singapore yet ( T ^T) Somebody stop the tick tock going on right now!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apple Frenzy!!!

How to take photos using an iPad.
As requested by Nic B.

1. Stretch your back to be as vertical as possible.
2. Stick the iPad to your face.
3. Touch on the camera button.

3 easy peasy steps.

And those are not even posing.


And the lady-gaga-bug-me-effect at PhotoBooth:

Yummy apple just gets quirkier and more and more enticingly irresistible!
*Jumps into the apple fan bandwagon*

Have a great day everyone!!