Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wowwwwww I am so FREE todayyyy!!!

It has been a while since I had this feeling. Laze around at home and just laze laze and laze around~ I cannot say that I'm doing nothing because I'm writing on my personal statement, on and off, blah. What to write what to write. So many things are yet to be done for the Uni applications and I must remind myself, THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF TIME, JUST A CONFUSION OF PRIORITIES read it out x 10. And oh look what am I doing now. Clearing up the place a little and this little space is really quiet in the afternoon where everyone is off to their working desk, which to be honest I have never experienced before since we started staying here.

Since the weather is quite pleasant, cloudy and I must avoid unnecessary sun-rays, I'm thinking of walking over to J8 and buy Koi along the way to sip and chew on their glam little bubbles, (yum yum) while I shop in Diva. Have I mentioned that they are having $7 sales on now!! Last year in Melbourne it's $5 sales and due to the currency exchange, it's $7 here! not too bad I must say! What I still don't understand is the price of Cotton On in Aus and Singapore is the same. Let's say $29.90 AUD is also $29.90 SGD. Makes no sense but who cares, we are the one who is game! :)

Both Jia and I has started major shopping (individually) for CNY. And we will be back in Penang in approximately 30 days time for CNY celebration. Very fast, too fast in fact. The best part about CNY is when all our loved ones are gathered to catch up on each other, other than that, the questions of "how well you scored in your exam? (which happened when we were in Primary and Secondary school, but currently it's more on - ), Where are you working at? How much are you earning? have you got a boyfriend? when are you getting married? ta-ta-ta-talking bout, blah blah blah.. which at times can be annoying when the line is crossed. No doubt people are just being concerned, or yeah maybe they are just concerned, but when the questions are answered, people tend to judge, judge and judge. Oh well, all I can say is that's just human nature, and what we can do is just take those as advice and grow from it. I still love them no matter what ;)

Currently listening to:

The First :)


All because of "River flows in You" 


Yiruma again.

Wonder why I have so much of a CD collections now??? :P

Last day of year 2010 tomorrow.
It's time for a little celebration to usher in the new 2011!!
Have a great one everyone. xoxo

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