Friday, January 23, 2009

Tips on Applying Eye Make Up :)

Found out about this interesting webpage about how to put on eye make up through Faye Chan's blog. I know "女人我最大" do teach us too with but here are clearer images on how to apply eye make up.
Totally oblivious about the the Korean words but what the hell the images are illustrating everything we need to know already ;)

CNY is around the corner!
enjoy your holidays
Remember to have pretty eyes during CNY :)


  1. i like the very 1st one... with the black hat... look mysterious!!!

    and did u try them out?? haha... new year d.. must put ang ang 1!!!

  2. lol mysterious!!

    havent tried them out...but can't wait though :)

    wont put ang ang on my eyes laa, later scare tiok ppl!!>_<"

  3. nvm u zhun bei zhun bei..., really wanna go around penang... find interesting places to make photo lea!! hahahaha... guys also can make up right.. i want smoke eye!!!!!

  4. wah sai mm sai ahhh want smoky eyes?!?!?! O_O"

    i want photo-shooting session with your prime (!)lense!!! :O

  5. ya you are my free model! don't you know that? vice versa i want to take photo too, but no one help me.. so you must be the one.

    wait i balik, i find some equipment to do so... even though no studio equipment, we still can make use of the free source! The SUN and we go find some location to shoot!

    :D counting on u too!

  6. WOOHOOOOOO I am so ready to be your model! hahhahahahhaahaha... dont need studio equipment la, NATURE has it all~

    and SUNLIGHT is the best light source ever invented, must make full use of it ;)

    will be waiting! :)