Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Lim'sFamily-CNY's-Must-Have-Photo-Shooting-Session

Here comes the time of the year when the whole LimEC's family take their positions and snap family portraits around the house compound. No doubt all pictures turn out perfectly with the many artistic judges in the house ;)

It has been 3 hectic days, first was 除夕 STEAMBOAT REUNION DINNER at Penang Time's Square! Yeap I know another Time's Square in Malaysia haven't they got bored of imitating New York of the States already!? Considering the super bad recession in the United State's economy. (But still the USD keeps increasing and am relatively positive that it'll descend in no time! *hides sinister laughter*)

年初一 and 年初二 today were pretty much hectic as usual, reunion dinners with both paternal and maternal families, the best time of the year to catch up with relatives and loved ones :)

Sneak preview of the

Gatherings to attend 2mr!! :D
Continue enjoying this blissful festive season peeps!

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