Monday, January 12, 2009


Pheyshan and Jasmine thought of this idea of us 1988 babies celebrating our 21st together glamorously @ g hotel. Was really thrilled when Herng told me that I was invited to join this bunch of glamorous peeps for the first party of the year 2009!

21 years old,
I'm not a girl, not yet a woman? O__O"

Went to N park with my babes for make up session before glam too bad xinyun is not here with us :(
Only 3 of us not the perfect 4 just like what we did in the year 2007. How time flies!!!!

I guess lulu has joined the kaypo club as well? ;)

I know there's a big pink flower that grew from my head!
Fashion is all about experimenting new stuff and being BRAVE! :P

Few more shots before heading to g hotel:

the pictures would be perfect with xinyun here.

I look pretty fair in this picture!
Talking about pretty fair yes I mean it by pretty AND fair hah beh paiseh!
But honestly if only I AM this fair in reality! *_*

FongTat's very the kawaii poodle!
I'm telling you she smells better than my hair, and softer too. =-="

Look as though I'm breast-feeding in the 2nd?! #_#"
Didn't realize until FongTat and PheyShan said so in facebook :P

On the way,
trying to achieve "Sex and the City" feel.
Okay okay at least maybe "Desperate Housewives"? :P

A shot with the gorgeous ladies in da house before stuffing our stomach with sushis!

Not much choices and food not exceptionally good but it's the company that matters right? :)

I must say we had a really really great night knowing each other plus snapping pix plus gossiping PLUS GOING CRAZY OVER EDWARD CULLEN like nobody's business literally we kisiao-ed until we laughed and cried at the same time but nobody can resist the temptation of Edward Cullen every girl is so in love with him! *gasP* yes.

(or maybe it's only me and PheyShan LOL)
Don't care la whatever we do sums up with the word G.L.A.M, period.
We laugh until our stomach are filled with air like seriously not kao kao enough for this buffet!
Never mind second round in the near future will be! ;)

Yummelicious food and the best cawa mushi!!!

Joe and I with the big flower :P

On the way to the toilet also wanna snap pix.
How to resist this large span of mirror you tell me!?!?! :P

Only PheyShan and I laughing hmmmm....
I think it was when she told me that we looked like mothers to the beautiful ladies behind,
especially with our permed hair @_@"

Happy mummies! :@
Spot the matching shoes!! :D

"You Wanna be on Top" shots on the way.

CNY's around the corner!!

So when's fabulous? :)

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