Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy CNY!

Lost track of the day and night. Its the weekend and apparently the new term starts in 2 days time. And we have yet to submit previous semester's work next Thursday. Sounds really complicated but one thing for sure is archit(or)ture is just NEVER ENDING. 

Definitely have to party next weekend after submission before everything starts piling up again!!

Lovely breakfast date with dear Penang mates this morning. Was really hard to move my lazy bump off the bed early in the morning, 10am, not that early actually, for breakfast but yeah, it's definitely great to see the morning sun!! And the town is creepily quite today, all must have flocked to Anfield for the match between Liverpool and Man U but non of my business anyway.

So yeah, us and the lovely sun!! :)

Happy CNY everyone, I bet it has been awesome, coz its the DRAGON YEAR!!! :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grande Arche de la Defense

Alright, 2 blog post at one night. Which proves how sick I am with my bookshelves already!
So much models done for this project you have noooooo idea! and yes I am using the word MUCH.

1:200 model, 1:50 models, 1:20 models, 1:100 model, 1:50 sectional model. it just twirls in its own world making us architecture students go right round right round.


lockers in different scales, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100.


Picture taken at 3am in the studio 2 seconds ago. 
see the sectional 1:100 model i'm holding up?

Obviously slacking while I'm supposed to be finishing this model already, but random click click snap pictures taken in Grande Arche are boss! ;) 
Need people who loves taking pictures like this to travel together!


Happy Dragon Chinese New Year!

It's crazy how time flies, or the fact that Chinese New Year is just in 2 days time, (1 days time in 2 minutes time here) and it scares me that the fact hasn't really hit me yet, about me missing all the Chinese New Year thrill and fun back home, and the fact of me not being home for the first time in 24 years, and to make matter seems more serious, THIS YEAR IS MY DRAGON YEAR! and also the fact that I am twenty four this year. Too much to handle, it's overwhelming!

Plus also, I'm currently in studio in the middle of the night (which makes Chinese New Year 初一 TOMORROW) alone, working for the final submission pin-up on Thursday. This just never ends. I guess it's all about appreciating the journey, one step at a time :)

Wait seems like I'm not done with my emo side yet, watching this touching clip alone in the cold definitely effortlessly heave the emotion within me. :'( :')

Okay back to work, will be having the left over soup from work as my 团圆饭 soup tomorrow. Quite sad lah!!!!! Aihs maximus.... Nevertheless, have a dashing awesome Dragon Year ahead everyone, it's my year, it will be great ;)

Chanel Chinese New Year window display at le Printemps by Karl Lagerfeld. yums...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Double Finger Rings


Been shopping too much lately. Blame the stress :)

Click until Finger Muscle Cramp! And New Burberry! :D

Thats new! Yeah believe it or not, my thumb muscle actually went cramp while I was busy clicking and pressing "command" with my thumb. I used to have leg muscle cramps very often when I was in secondary school with all the athletic practices - running, jumping etc, and now let me introduce - finger muscle cramp! Amazing. 

Anyway, in the midst of preparing exams / presentations, the architecture students still manage to take time off for some SHOPPING BABY! Finally, the long awaited Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet after *calculate*.... 4 months! 4 months in Liverpool, finally I made it there! Initially I wasn't really keen in spending £4.70 for a 45 mins bus ride there but heck, after JiaLih shown me pictures of Burberry bags and Fossil watches etc I was like I HAVE TO GO THERE. 

Us while waiting for the bus.  No way we could have woken up at 7.45am, unless its for some event like shopping. Yes, very bersemangat it is.

 Finally a after lengthy 45 mins plus bus ride, WE ARRIVED. And I was overwhelmed by the fact that Cheshire Oaks is actually an area with different buildings, and we braved through 1°C just for the sake of girls' favorite past time - shopping.

First stop - BURBERRY :)
Everything was at least 30% off, and the jeans costed only £29!

Have I mentioned that FCUK trench coats were reduced to £30 from £160.

Anyway, this picture was taken before we entered Burberry, again.

And woooollahhhhhhh,, look who came out with the paper bag!
Believe me, this bag wasn't there when we were there in the morning!! And apparently this stock came in on Thursday, which means if I were to go last weekend, I wouldn't have met it - fated you see ;)

Happy slash guilty smile.... *insert whichever 9gag expression you like*

Even Wanying is very exciteddddd...! :D

Happy girl! :) - Definitely better deal than Boxing day!
Wait, there weren't even sales during boxing day.
Don't even bother queueing up at 7am during any upcoming boxing days people.

Happy shopping happy buyssss :)

And now pictures of my new Burberry Bag (no.2) or vain pix of me to be exact:

*t-shirt from FCUK ;)

Me and my retainer VVVAAAWWWRRRRRR *retarded smile*

As you can see, happy girl with new bag.
Now, back to work. Or maybe, sleep time.

Have a blessed day ahead. 2012 has been good :)

So it has been more than a year since i got my 1st burberry, great thing blogspot is doing the job in keeping track ;) *click*