Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy CNY!

Lost track of the day and night. Its the weekend and apparently the new term starts in 2 days time. And we have yet to submit previous semester's work next Thursday. Sounds really complicated but one thing for sure is archit(or)ture is just NEVER ENDING. 

Definitely have to party next weekend after submission before everything starts piling up again!!

Lovely breakfast date with dear Penang mates this morning. Was really hard to move my lazy bump off the bed early in the morning, 10am, not that early actually, for breakfast but yeah, it's definitely great to see the morning sun!! And the town is creepily quite today, all must have flocked to Anfield for the match between Liverpool and Man U but non of my business anyway.

So yeah, us and the lovely sun!! :)

Happy CNY everyone, I bet it has been awesome, coz its the DRAGON YEAR!!! :D

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