Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger 2010 ROARRRRRRS!! :D

The Tiger year has been roaring kao kao~

So far these CNY days have been really ful-filling, doing the same old spending time with the Lim and Chew families, catching up with old old friends, and getting my butt off the bed for my ♥ FashionTECTURE Launch Party ♥ on Thursday morning at 7.30am! Yes all the chaos and accumulated sleepless nights from CNY day 1 to day 4 I was like a walking zombie shifting my clothes rack from upstairs and bathed before dressing up awaiting for the guests arrivals.

I'm really glad to be able to put things together and decided to have the launch no matter what. Thanks to dearest mee for the support and Jia for suggestions on having gifts and ways to make the FashionTECTURE launch a successful one. Of course Dee's great architectural mind of designing the patio where the launch can be held without interrupting the Lim's privacy ;)

Special thanks to SongKeat and Xuan who stayed through the day! Earliest to arrive and latest to leave, and dear brother Li Tatt and dear Joe who was the photographers of the day. And also Xinyun who was the first customer, and omg all that attended the party! To be honest, I was rather perturbed for not knowing exactly how many guests are gonna arrive and the awkward atmosphere that may occur with friends from different circles. Thankfully everything went on really perfect, the food were great, weather was perfectly sunny omg hot can die, and accompaniment was just awesome, awesome, awesome

Me and the Tang twins :)

Xuan is so cute!!

Retarded song keat hahaha!

Very the busy choosing choosing choosing.

The gents ;)

That's why I need a DSLR!

Oh well all in all, I had a really great time, hopefully all of them did too :)

CNY 2010 pictures are all still in the SD card but boomz,
here comes another 5 GB of pictures and videos~

Time to inflate my facebook photos from 5,000 to up up and away don't be afraid! :D

Meanwhile, do head to :

FREE POSTAGE within Malaysia once purchases reach RM200!


More updates soon,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cut the Emo crap and let's欢迎大地回春! \(^O^)/

I apologize for past few emo posts.
Must be the hormones taking the toll imma now 欢迎大地回春
hmmph see who's taking control now huh! :)

Life has it's ups and downs, I guess past few days must be the phase of me contemplating too much, sorry ~mee and dee~!! I must have got them worried darn all that I'm now having my holidays and holidays are meant to be happy go lucky celebration, yes dee I agree hehehehehehhe!

Got the teapot set washed from the layer of dust and I'm ready for oriental healthy drinking and if you are guessing if that is part of my getting back to shape plan, I don't see any difference with my body shape despite the morning walk every 2 days me is sad long long T_T

However as long as I am confident with my body, nobody is to bring me down! :D

Gonna have the CNY decorations up in a bit while waiting for KarLeng to come over, and I'm finally going to Jusco mall with dear JSPO buddies. Talking about going shopping, Penang TimesSquare and Sunway Carnival are the only malls that I've stepped foot in so far. Yea not even Queensbay Mall o to the m g what happened to the shopaholic bug? I guess I don't have to worry about getting CNY clothes after all with FashionTECTURE supplying me racks of new clothes? :P

How great if interest can be someone's income and fabulousness source! I'm hoping that my interest will not fade through time and FashionTECTURE by LiYinism will be growing with me as time goes by~ although yet, there are still other things to achieve in my life.

I'm really really utterly greatful to have the greatest ~mee and dee~ who is always there to support me!
Rat race please step aside because Lim Li Yin no need you to prove her that she has what it takes!

Ok la, that's all for the time being of me talking to myself.
Till then, have a great great Chinese New Year! everyone must be back home already look at all the cars lined up beside the road of the Taman with limited car parking space in the house!! O____O All of us who were in our high school days and dependent on school buses or parents to bring us around are all growing up into independent adulthood.

wow time really flies~

Friday, February 5, 2010

Because I'm just noisy like that.

At times like this, every step I take will be a life changing choice.

What should I do? Please give me a sign.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

$12,950 Leica Hermès Camera.

Credits to gizmodo.

sai mm sai ah zhan hai we don't have to splurge that amount of money to prove that we are glamorous please.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LTY- Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift- Two is Better than One


A little out of tune hehehe too high notes to reach but the accompaniment is still not bad right?
composed it myself hehehehehe I know its nice thank you..


Seems like there are so many things I wanna do in life.
Of course what comes in priority is architect (since I spent RM-we-know-what-amount and 4 years of my youth and sleepless nights studying it) and meanwhile I wanna be a fashion designer, and then now what, singer?

Siao or not why are there so many interesting choices in life that I have to make?

The road not taken; oh well everybody knows taking the path to be an architect sure is what expected and more realistic (what you wanna be a fashion designer?! Later end up being a tailor instead. Harrrr you wanna sing?! You think you're Leona Lewis izit if your goal is to go to the CNY stage and sing then can la but no leh nowadays singers can earn big bucks yet again who am I to be at par with all of those in Grammy Awards T____T)

Okay, so anyway what I'm saying is, I'm at my prime of my life (22-25) coz we ain't as lucky as the guys, being more and more attractive as they grow older and YES THIS IS THE PRIME OF MY LIFE. How am I to spend it to optimize every moment of this??

FashionTECTURE has been set off to begin everything but no, I wouldn't wanna spend these years just taking pictures and posting and waiting for purchases and sending it to the post office and the cycle goes on.

I want to be an airstewardess HAHAHHAHA YES CRAZY YOU MIGHT SAY and initially everything seems okay, just explore and go do whatever you want to do in life but what happens if I really get chosen and getting bound to a 2 year contract? I'll be wasting 2 years, TWO YEARS of my prime life being a waitress on air and by the time I want to stop I'll be what? 25?

Getting an internship but hoollaah, more AutoCAD and sitting in the office and talking about head hunted, no doubt I SHOULD be able to deliver every task that is given to me but I'll be then sitting in the office 24/7 doing something that I am not really interested in. Not having any chance to be part of the design team (unless I'm lucky enough to be one of the top team) and yes, everything I do during internship will help me in my future to becoming an architect but is being an architect all I want in life?

Why oh why, mee was saying she thinks for the best of me, wanting me to get a good and capable beau for my life, not wanting me to waste the prime of my life away, afraid that once this period is over, year by year I'll be stuck while others are all living in the rat race and I'll be all alone without anybody CHOY!!

Aiyo, I don't know everything seems really perplexing and I give myself an excuse till after CNY. Please oh please CNY come slowly for I still daunt the future that awaits me.


Yea maybe I should. sighness.

Time to practice Final Fantasy Fighting song. woohooooo..
Till then, xoxo~