Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quick Update.!

It's almost a week since the last time I updated!
Oh boy hell right darn many things have been happening for the week very very the busy indeed omg what the this sentence structure me don't understand.

Ok don't bother.

Party tonight!


Another excuse to party all night long~ :)

Malaysians. Why oh why do we have the urge to party with Malaysians when we are at a foreign country when we have all the chance to party with the whole bunch of Malaysians when we are back in Malaysia.

Well this is just the human phenomenology.
Tending to appreciate something more when it's rare.

Ok I better stop yaking my phrases are going no where.

Just a few pictures on what I've been up to for the past 7 days, site visits, mundane groceries shopping and SETHO OSSI IS IN DA HOUSE!


Another reason why we MUST party tonight woot woooot! :)

Structures Site Visit @ South Yarra.
Never expect to meet so many cute boys thats why the salah outfit:

jessmine leong don't kill me coz me too very the salah.

Aiyah the camera blocking the cute site-structure-engineer shooshoo!! >_<"

Yes yes spot for the cute guy! :)

Strawberry season we likey many many!

Oh and Kiwi fruits tooo yumyummm :)

More reasons to loooooove Victoria Market on Saturdays!

$1 deals everywhere!

guess who guess where :)

ahhhh super huge and cute errr... what breed har?

whatever but aren't he the cutest! :)

Sofia after Camberwell this morning:

Seth-is-not-awake-face and Ruth busy admiring the accessories she got.

Trying out the head band.

"wah very the tight leh."

big head prawn から。:|

Me and Seth finally with the FREE gelato!

Mee it's free takkan don't wanna eat meh T_T

Why we got it free coz we had to shift over to a smaller table to be able to occupy another group of 10 customer ain't we lucky or what! :)

Next time must sit at the spot to get free ice-creams weeeheeee! *slap*

Okay byebye.

P/s: Has already started stocking up junk food for LimLiJia's arrival!

10 days time! me cannot wait! ♥

Jia 早くください!ブラアイスクリムがほしい! ahhhhhhh! *slap* :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cupcakes! :)

It is Monday AGAIN, which I really dread T_T
Why oh why must the weekend always zoom by so quickly?????

Another mundane week with studio and no worse, structures mid-sem exam to take this Thursday! Not to mention the diagram crap which are expected by tomorrow. I seriously have no idea what we are supposed to come up with, I think it's all the AA (architecture association) craze hitting, designing building based on diagram which I cannot agree more, but please, what's dance choreography has to do with designing a building? I proposed having to think as a dancer instead of we analyzing a boring contemporary dance video, having them looking spaces as points and a dynamic element and how music drives a dance, which was disagreed. I don't get how dance can actually exist without music, look at all music videos we are watching, do we actually go appreciate for example, this:

p/s: don't bother to click play or you will give up in contemporary dance and loath it, forever.

How on earth can a decent human being actually sit through this 7 minutes 'dance' video?! Having so-called-'dancers' walking through the landscape in harpin without any music omg you say got so siao or not.

To make everything worse, I AM ACTUALLY CHOOSING THIS VIDEO fml wakalukong wah lao eh eh eh eh eh ella eh eh under my umbrella eh eh .......*echoes away*


Ok despite everything, I actually have a connection with this video, liking how they integrate their choreography with the landscape and doing what they do best without concerning how others think of them yea somebody slap me. I don't know why but oh well, Beyonce can't be in the list so here it is a lame CONTEMPORARY dance. Boohoo.

Enough of whining and back to work but before that, CUPCAKES FRENZY! :D

Last night was my official first time making cupcakes which all thanks to Yvonne for the lesson and the omg icing which was utter fun-ness :)

♥ Short and sweet process ♥


ChiChi in you UPDATED:


enjoy :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Very the Medical Terminology me don't understand.

Cute Dee's reply on my bad cough:

~yin girl~

If it is due to pollen the so called spring powder
maybe some antihistamines may help

Some antihistamines like loratadine or cetrizine are non drowsy


When i first read dee's reply on my bad cough I was literally.temporarily.illiterate yes me not kidding you with all the medical terminology I had to read the mail at least 3 times to get what is the noun and tenses. siaoness. If I were to be a medical student, medical terms have already taken the toll on me you won't even recognize me with the 'silver linings' (white hair) growing from my head wahlao in my brains still not enough wanna grow out of my head. =-="

and dear ~mee~'s weight concern for me:

By the way, forgot to mention that your face has puffed up--from your photos,so please don't eat so much sweet stuff anymore- ice-cream and the desserts. Have to cut down gradually Walao having whole tubs of ice-cream to yourself.Refrain from buying them so often,even if it's on offer. If not you are gonna have a hard time reducing your weight later!!

Do take care.


I think I really do have to cut down on the amount of desserts huh!!! :|

Very random post, and the coughing is killing me!
My cough woke myself up in the middle of the night no kidding it's not even funny.
Waking up feeling hopeless and depressed ain't no joke T____T

Still stuck with the Diagram-obsessed-Yale-plus-Princeton-scholar-my-dear-studio-lecturer-Ann-Marie that I am supposed to submit tomorrow somebody save me T_T
Yes my dear lecturer is a Yale graduate super glamorous wakalukong gossip girl!

However I must say, being in the 4th week of studio, I've already learnt 10 times the amount I've learnt from lousy transportation studio last semester but well, everything comes with a price, SEVENTEEN PDF FILES WITH AT LEAST 10 PAGES TO READ IT IS LIKE THEORIES OF ARCHITECTURE ALL OVER AGAIN ARE YOU KIDDING ME *faints* but oh well, no pain no gain.

Go LiYinism, transcend your FashionTECTURE power bijjaboooom!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

ChiChi Craze When the Sun Shines and Feel like Spring. ♥

It was the Saturday when we thought Victoria Market and groceries shopping @ Woolworths will fill up our day but once we stepped off the apartment, WOOOT! No skin piercing winter breeze but scorching sun shining upon us *halo* which made the weather warm and sunny!! *hallelujah*

It has been months since the last time we experienced this weather and of course we grabbed the opportunity to make use of the lovely weather ♥

Let the pictures do the talking,

Hit me like a ray of sun........~~~

Happy all-hail-vanity-us all geared up for more photo-shooting.

Trying out paparazzi shots and WAHLAOEH

can my face be any wider and puffier can die.

Much better.

Need the hat+hair to cover up fats that has been accumulating around my face/ neck.

Ignore my fat-everything+Salah face but the fashion-composition-shot taken by dear Ruthie~

My fashion-composition-shot for Ruthie with her small tiny pretty face and poses which worked in every paparazzi shot!:


Super modelesque Ruthie! :D

Even workin' it out at low angle shot and if it were to be me I think the camera screen has already exploded :|

If only there's a DSLR!!!!

Passerby who asked if we wanted a picture together no.1.

More Melbourne-Touristy shot with the CITY CIRCLE vintage tram.

Sunny day with us going angmoh, sitting in front of the State Library spooning ourselves with mouth fulls of Bulla yum~

And one thing good about here is nobody actually cares what you do, coz everybody just mind their own business BUT STILL, we did not fail to attract attention once we unsealed the 2 litre tub of Bulla and one passerby even asked us if we wanted a picture together coz she felt that we were really cute with the ice-cream.

Passerby who asked if we wanted a picture together no.2.

I wonder if there's any sarcastic remark but whatever, as long as we are happy doing what we want :P

Yes am always with my favourite Cookies and Cream :)

And a very impromptu outing to St.Kilda right after Melbourne Open Day on Sunday

Finally St. Kilda after 8 months in Melbourne :)

We still managed to capture a few photos with the sunlight even though it was supposed to be a rainy day haloo~~ouU~OU~~~ouuuU~!

hahaz-zha-liao-theme-park, it must be the weather,

just like AiMing said, "Genting in Maimi wtf if that even make sense"


I hate Genting lor so don't even get me close to it :|

Definitely more picturesque compared to Genting.

And we strolled down the streets of St. Kilda, very much like Bondi beach, but with dessert shops scattered around everywhere.

The oily-till-can-die fish and chips.

Oh I miss Sydney Fish Market T_T

More snap shots of the St. Kilda:

Interesting sculptors on the roof of the hair dressing shop.

The dessert shops with mouth-watering-indulgences:


Yvonne, definitely must go there some day after all assignment rushing period,

which never ends boohooo.

But still must go ok?! :D

Jessmine with her blueberry croissant


AiMing with the yummelicious vanilla cream moose something something which matched my taste bud perfectly being not too sweet and having a hint of crust to bite.

yums T_T


Currently working on Graphic Design Style Sheet AD3B assignment which I currently have a clearer idea.


Big no no for LiYinism nouveau but grid lines to follow from now onwards T_T

But I do actually agree with Ann Marie, having a composition to organize information in a clear manner, to dtreamline the process of laying out a page, and to give a constant look to our work. Well, there's always a start on something new and I am anticipating on what I'll come out with for designing a dance school this studio.

P/S: coughing non-stop right now!

It must be the stupid you're hot-then-you're-cold-weather plus the Spring flower bud powder crap that I'm allergy of and OMG it's still winter, I cannot imagine my cough/ flu when the flower starts blooming, I don't wanna be MJ no.2 having my nose running off me. T_____T

Monday is causing me nauseous I hope studio sessions and presentations will be smooth this week and back to all reading provided (17 pdf files ARE YOU KIDDING ME) it's Theories of Architecture all over again. FATIGUENESS.


And seafood craze has been attaching lately and guess what I made for myself:

Seafood Carbonara mix with lots and lots of mushrooms.

KING PRAWN ahhhhhhh too good to resist *drools*

freakin prawn cost me 50 cents each,

$12 per kg which saves $6 off the normal price ($18)

but mee, it's around RM3 for 1 back home right?? :D

%(*@#&nmy stomach is growling already time for more tomyam, again :| before heading to beloved Japanese Class later at 3pm! :)

have a great week my friends,