Saturday, August 8, 2009


P/s: Feeling better right now, there are so many other things in life to care about other than architecture, the creator of LiYinism fashionTECTURE is yet to be revealed to the world :)

syok sendiri and self motivating just ignore me.

Note: Okay this might sound as though I'm really kiasu, ranting over not being picked and stuff

Duh. Like I bother?


To be honest, am quite disappointed with myself.

Could have done better but assuming my 'amazing' sketches will kick-ass but what now, not even short-listed really hurts.

I could have done better but no, still with the same old manual story board, everything manual which has been my gift, but at the same time becoming a nuisance.

I was really confident with my design, having everything thought out, even I was satisfied with my spatial arrangement, the fluidity of space having the "Moulin Rouge" as the central courtyard and fantasizing it in real life with all light shimmering in the night of Paris like diamond and sequins oh-so-prettyyy~~

having nto design this building for the past 2 weeks has made me affirmed with my choice of studying architecture. I though I would be chose, would be noticed, would be submitted, would fly to Paris but all of this just whamp into dirt about an hour ago.

Well, this shall just be my verbal punching bag.

No use crying over a spilt milk.

What's done is done.

This is just a phase of life, a phase of my architecture career?

Well I don't know but all I know is I shouldn't be too confident with my ability to sketch but at the same time keep yearning for new knowledge and get out of my comfort zone!

Emo things aside!

In a happier tone :)

Talked to one of my studio mate just now, really a sweet girl with both of us having something in common, BAD IN REMEMBERING NAMES what the eff eff eff eff.....

We are both in the same classes for structures tute and studio and I must say, just having a few words with her made my day. I am always wanting to get to know my peers but having a language barrier has always pulled me back. It is as though there are lots to share in common but when it comes to the angmoh I will always think, "maybe I should keep it to myself to save the humiliation in case they don't get what I mean with my slang," but turns out, we shouldn't always think that way and should always voice out our thoughts whenever where ever, even how stupid it may sound! Am telling you, this really works, nobody really judges here and it doesn't matter if it's just a small lousy issue that you've just raised.

But yet again, that is yet to be adapted.

How I wish I have the courage everytime to say "hey how is it going" to the people around me like there's no tomorrow instead of shoving away and live in my own world.

Semester 2 in Melbourne, I think I will miss the environment and social life here by end of this course. *emo*



Have been really busy with Ruthie working on our online shopping bloggie!
I know it was spiffychichi but due to the long hard-to-remember-name we decided to cut it short and name it and what the heck dunno who on earth go and waste the name chichi in blogspot! seriously only a post saying, "have anyone seen the movie bla bla crap" are you kidding me @)((!!!

Long story short, we had pictures taken and blog created,

When there's a will, there's a way:

Everything on:

Loads of changes happening oh well life, oh life, changing for the better! :)

And guess where we headed to again last night :O

Why are looks always so decieving!?!?!

What a playboy but yet we are all over for him somebody please slap us, no.... HIM!

for being such a playboy =_____="

Going for dance class next Tuesday with the studio mates.
Really looking forward to it with whole bunch of us kisiao in the dance studio.

Not being a hypocrite, Ann Marie (our lecturer) will be joining the fun too, dancing with us! :)


It's such a dilemma, I think I can be an architect but afraid of facing the 'real world'.
We shall just see what architecture brings me in the future.

architecture oh architecture.


Saw this from my dear xinyun's blog,
dedicated for me huh!!!! =____="

This song has been all around the city, from the railway station @ South Yarra to VII.

Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
Uploaded by BlackEyedPeas. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

I gotta feeling :)

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