Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shibuya Japan for Halloween!?!?!

Are you kidding me Jiaaaaaaa?!

Why like that I also wanna celebrate Halloween in Japan Jia please can or not!
And the weather down under is super crazy we are all melting under the heat seriously I wonder how am I gonna survive during summer

Finally we are done with our 3rd year, it's kinda unbelievable that it's all O.V.E.R. now.

seriously siao lor time flies so freakin fast can die.

Me and Sean my dear long lost cousin whom I only came to know about before coming over to Melb Uni.

Finally a picture with him :)

Yummy tim tam in my hands and wahlao kek yeng pulak Sean Chew ha ha.

As usual Ruthie and I who loves random pictures, which Jessmine dislikes most that's why you don't see picture of her :P

Gimme gimme more! :O

More pictures to be uploaded soooooon and it's as though it has been ages since I indulge myself into this cyber world although it was only a week.

Okay October is finally ending with hopefully a Halloween party to attend tonight.
Please popi popi November will be a better month for me

*I gotta feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night :)*


Thursday, October 29, 2009

it has been a while

typed the below before oh-so-genius-me spilled my water colour water for my visual comm assgnmnt onto my laptop n am currently using oh-so-troublesome-on-screen-keyboard so don't bother reading cz this post won' make any sense besides proving that LiYinism is still alive, not poppin' lockin' droppin' :(

Often when you watch shows like Twilight and Flower Boys, you'll start to have romantic fantasies and start wondering, "Where is my Edward Cullen/ Gu Jun Pyo?"

Seriously, I cannot help being stuck in the romantic haze, my version of Gu Jun Pyo, where are you?????? :)

As you know my final presentation, which sucked real bad (*#$(*&#*&@!!mutha(*#@&$ has already passed last Thursday night, leaving me finally some spare time to do whatever I like literally without having any worries am telling which lead me to watch Korean version of Flower boys O to the M G GU JUN PYO!!!!!!!!!

How on earth can such person exist oh yea wait it's only a drama series but stilll!!!!!!

slap me please.

I know he went Sg Wang last Sunday HOW CAN!!!!!?!?!

Please by chance let me meet you in the street in Melbourne and I'll belanja you makan freddo's ice cream!

Last Sunday Ruth and I went to our all time favourite Camberwell Market and with 2 big mouths, we ordered a 6 portion meal for 2 of us call us crazy!

Seafood platter which I will order when ~mee and dee~ are here :)

And then another random outing since we have already validated our Sunday tram ticket call us kupik like that but we are just making full use of what we have, correct?! :)

Photo-shooting session started in the lift wahahahha.

Bright sunny dday!!

Pose it! Make it work!

Life has been hard on me for the whole week I feel like giving up n everything I do :(

and at times like this,this song suits best.
i must believe in myself cz if I don't, nobody else would.

Monday, October 19, 2009

archizombies in the making.

I know freakin Holloween is just around the corner and students have already started to decorate uni with lamo skeletons, don't know what to expect but Jessmine Leong's ghost stories last night really freakin freaked us out like seriously! Only 3 of us in archi building in the hallway in the middle of the freezing cold night with Jessmine geng skills in narrating ghost stories ain't no joke wakalukong O_O"

So now here we are again at 12.12a.m (such a coincidence a double digit oh so cute :) continuing our architorture life oh please I am so ready to get done with everything alreadyyyyyyyyy blahhhhhh.. =-="

Story boards should speak for itself, how I wish there is this rule where all archistudents don't have to present their works, just pinning up and start sipping wine while enjoying the exhibition but NO! I'll have to present this coming Thursday night and exhibition is only next Friday oh why am I talking about this it's supposed to be Halloween I'm talking about. So anyway my main point is, there's no any better place to experience Halloween than an architecture building. Me no kidding just step into an architecture building nearby in the middle of the night and you'll get what I mean end of statement.

Ok lah very lame update, just when you are too carried away, you would tend to fuss about unnecessary stuff:

"Phantom of the Opera" or "Sound of Music"?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last week of Uni freakin fastttttttt

I don't know it's such a dilemma, the love hate life of an architorture student.
This week will be my last week staying over in uni, having our final presentation this coming Thursday nervousasssomebodyslapme.

I must say this semester has been a very full-filling one, having AnnMarie to mould and teach us throughout the semester which was undeniably quite torturing at first but am quite pleased that everything is beginning to fall into place hello it's already the last week of course must fall into place la duh =-="

Okay, keep going Li Yin, time to pull off my dainty hands and do the 1:500 scale model freakin small wakalukong can die.

My AutoCAD plan not bad hor! :D

I am too quite satisfied to be honest *slap*

The happy source, food, to keep me working through day n night.

Oh just some random picture of my corner 喝茶 to remind myself for healthy living O_O"

Another bunch of mangoes that I got myself yesterday okay people you have to chill. :P

And a bunch of kiwis also!

All of them cost only $2 btw OKAY PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO CHILL :)

Kiwis coz Jia mentioned that she heard from some tv shows in Japan saying eating only kiwis for breakfast can be slim (?)

Well might as well give it a try since the awesome price I'm able to get them with~!

Okay back to work with Leona Lewis playing non-stop I'm lovin'it! :)

Take that! :)

Time for the relaxing part, COLOURING WEEEEE~~~~ :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Somebody call 911! perspex fire burnin' in the fablab.

Update: coz I find this title more interesting :)

We had our final most-relaxing-class-ever-visual-communication, class yesterday, where we had to try on water colour and paint red hot chillies and am telling you, there isn't any other activities that can be in comparison to be as relaxing as this class under the architecture torture building :)

Us and our paintings which was utter funness!

And guess what happened just now after structures test, THE FIRE ALARM IN OUR BUILDING WENT OFF AND WE ARE LIKE WTF IS THIS A FIRE ESCAPE PRACTICE FALSE ALARM CRAP but at the same time am kinda thrilled, hoping that studio class will be cancelled for the night (6pm-9pm and yes we have odd studio times like that) AND TURNED OUT THAT THERE IS INDEED A FIRE WTF!

Okay too much drama no fire in sight though but it ain't no false alarm it is, and it's our FAB LAB THAT CAUGHT FIRE HAHAHA!

Aiyo pardon my siaoness I think the 1.40am-not-enough-sleep-siaoness is hitting but I FIND IT REALLY FUNNY LEH! Fab lab on fire at this point of the semester when students are all fighting to be in queue to fabricate their final model and then the machine kisiao and turn it's tantrum towards us architecture students wahlaoeh scary shit.

Okay that's just the big drama of the day, other than that studio was fine, at least I have a proper outline on what to do for my final presentation thanks to AM for being in such a good mood :))))))

Aiyo already almost 2am but stil haven't had dinner!

Might go back and cook some tomyam before hitting bed talking about keeping fit, bleh.

ok fasterrrrrrrrrr...sketch up rendering is killing!!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


full stop

finally Jia has uploaded a bunch of NewZealand pix and here are a few to share.

The cute boys who asked if they can take a picture with me, please? :)

Just like in the movie with the big sign board and empty freeway, and green field and blue blue sky.

tulips! I guess.

A lot of structures going on, talking about structures test tomorrow bleh.

Very vintage car even Jia also cannot stand the kampung towns in New Zealand by the end of the trip.

Looks like a tortoise I'm stepping on huH! :)

Jia searching for mini tortoise.

The best seafood chowder ever!!

More of "now that's the way to see New Zealand" after NEXT THURSDAY!



Monday, October 12, 2009

Mee it's Mango season~! :D

The first thing I thought when I realized mangoes have started bombarding Victoria Market is mee! I know mee will be very excited for me, having selling-in-Malaysia-oh-so-expensively-fruits friggin cheap over here!


Guess what, Ruth and I bought approximately 20 mangoes for:





Although they are relatively ripe they are still sweetness overdosed!
sooooopa yummelicious yums! :)

And now it's Gisele Bündchen Ipanema sandals overdose!

I've come to realize that I've been a loyal fan of hers, having all of her 3 collections from tattoo, to water, to seed~

Gisele Bundchen - Water Dress Ads for G2B


And so here comes another week.
Let's hope it's a good one after rejuvenating after gaining enough sleep through the weekend!