Thursday, October 29, 2009

it has been a while

typed the below before oh-so-genius-me spilled my water colour water for my visual comm assgnmnt onto my laptop n am currently using oh-so-troublesome-on-screen-keyboard so don't bother reading cz this post won' make any sense besides proving that LiYinism is still alive, not poppin' lockin' droppin' :(

Often when you watch shows like Twilight and Flower Boys, you'll start to have romantic fantasies and start wondering, "Where is my Edward Cullen/ Gu Jun Pyo?"

Seriously, I cannot help being stuck in the romantic haze, my version of Gu Jun Pyo, where are you?????? :)

As you know my final presentation, which sucked real bad (*#$(*&#*&@!!mutha(*#@&$ has already passed last Thursday night, leaving me finally some spare time to do whatever I like literally without having any worries am telling which lead me to watch Korean version of Flower boys O to the M G GU JUN PYO!!!!!!!!!

How on earth can such person exist oh yea wait it's only a drama series but stilll!!!!!!

slap me please.

I know he went Sg Wang last Sunday HOW CAN!!!!!?!?!

Please by chance let me meet you in the street in Melbourne and I'll belanja you makan freddo's ice cream!

Last Sunday Ruth and I went to our all time favourite Camberwell Market and with 2 big mouths, we ordered a 6 portion meal for 2 of us call us crazy!

Seafood platter which I will order when ~mee and dee~ are here :)

And then another random outing since we have already validated our Sunday tram ticket call us kupik like that but we are just making full use of what we have, correct?! :)

Photo-shooting session started in the lift wahahahha.

Bright sunny dday!!

Pose it! Make it work!

Life has been hard on me for the whole week I feel like giving up n everything I do :(

and at times like this,this song suits best.
i must believe in myself cz if I don't, nobody else would.

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