Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Studio is done.

For the time being.

bleh why oh why do I stutter so much and what's with the 'bleh' lately oh whatever.

Going to work in 30 minutes time.

Yummy yummy free dinner coming my way part of the reason me gaining weight bleh. again.

For now let me present you the lovely simple flower wonderland in Christchurch, the home where I hope I'll be going again okay Limin? :)

Those pink dots are sakura petals!
If only I've got a better camera to capture the effect~

Very Japanese anime-ish wakalukong no joke :)

Pink as big as my face flowers which is really a big deal coz my face is seriously huge.

Wild flowers can you freakin believe it!

How on earth can grow such many bushy lovely flowers in Malaysia you tell me and they are WILD FLOWERS are you kidding me =-="

more flowers and it seems like all flowers are flawless there!

Even if it's already fallen to the ground it still remain pretty.

Cleaning up the pool area and wahlao fat til can die.

Pink and blue oh so lovely!

Flowers like this as big as my palm you say, how can?!

Don't they look like plastic flowers ok time to go.

Wahlao super the hungry.

Pardon my poor phrases ahh I don't care very hungry food is calling bye bye.


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