Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last week of Uni freakin fastttttttt

I don't know it's such a dilemma, the love hate life of an architorture student.
This week will be my last week staying over in uni, having our final presentation this coming Thursday nervousasssomebodyslapme.

I must say this semester has been a very full-filling one, having AnnMarie to mould and teach us throughout the semester which was undeniably quite torturing at first but am quite pleased that everything is beginning to fall into place hello it's already the last week of course must fall into place la duh =-="

Okay, keep going Li Yin, time to pull off my dainty hands and do the 1:500 scale model freakin small wakalukong can die.

My AutoCAD plan not bad hor! :D

I am too quite satisfied to be honest *slap*

The happy source, food, to keep me working through day n night.

Oh just some random picture of my corner 喝茶 to remind myself for healthy living O_O"

Another bunch of mangoes that I got myself yesterday okay people you have to chill. :P

And a bunch of kiwis also!

All of them cost only $2 btw OKAY PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO CHILL :)

Kiwis coz Jia mentioned that she heard from some tv shows in Japan saying eating only kiwis for breakfast can be slim (?)

Well might as well give it a try since the awesome price I'm able to get them with~!

Okay back to work with Leona Lewis playing non-stop I'm lovin'it! :)

Take that! :)

Time for the relaxing part, COLOURING WEEEEE~~~~ :)

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