Tuesday, September 29, 2009


YEs Jia and I are back from our 9 day trip around South island New Zealand and we are sick of mountains and rivers already o to the m g but WE ARE THINKING OF GOING SKYDIVING TOMORROW IF THE WEATHER PERMITS US!!!

This may sound crazy but it's as though the courage had hit me just like that after Queenstown!
Once in a life time experience which will definitely burn a pocket in our ~Mee and Dee~ and Jia's bank account Rm3k+ but get to see snow mountains while free falling for 40 seconds I don't care I must definitely try it! It's like sky cruising, bunjy jumping, parasailing, hot-air-balloon ride, ALL IN ONE PACKAGE IF WE REALLY MANAGE TO SKYDIVE!!



the excitement! *kisiao-ing*

Hokkien Mee tonight! Finally Penang food after 9 days of Western cuisine, HOKKIEN MEE, LAKSA!

Ok lots to catch up and time to cuddle up with baby Wan Hui!!

White on White image from Christchurch Art Gallery to end this post:

Jia's illustration of my piku (butt) which looks more like a 4 letter salah thing :\

and my bad habit to her which must stop!

Okay enough of exclamation mark (!)

bye bye (!)


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cherry Blossoms sakura


Weather is cold, sky is blue, pool is tempting, baby is cute, cherry blossoms are too pink to resist!

All the assignment rushing plus taking Jia around for desserts in Melbourne from Freddo's to Lindt. Yes we actually went for freddo's twice coz Jia commented that they have the best ice-cream ever, which is quite a big achivement for Freddo's since Jia has been half way round the globe from Japan to the UK.

Anyway back to the topic, it's already 11pm plus and Jia and I are making ourselves at home chillin, literally. It's still 8-12 °C although its Spring but the sakura trees which are just a few streets from home are too cute! more than 100 pix taken in 10 minutes while waiting for the bus to the town, when there's LiYinism there's pix-taking-non-stop! :)

*aiyo duno why can't seem to copy and paste pictures from facebook. more updates soon xoxo
~Mee and Dee~ click here for 1st day album :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

whole luggage of ♥ from Japan

It's 8.30am in the morning on a sunny sunny day.

Apparently everyone has been looking forward to this day after all the winter chill and Josh actually planned a picnic at St.Kilda!
Just right since I'll be bringing Jia over anyway for fish n chips and desserts :)

It was really fun to have a family member around, feel really like home with all the noise and sister/family talking, loving the ambiance much!! Anyhoos there are still assignment to be done (MID REVIEW FOR AD3B NEXT THURSDAY T___T) Of course I'll still be getting things done and talking about that, I actually brought Jia along with me to work yesterday! Poor Jia but what to do, this trip will not be a travelling trip for her but:

LiYin, life in the fab lane
everyday-very-the-busy-life, LiYin.

Okay time to switch back to assignment mode (@#!&& but before that may I present you the wonders and love Jia brought along with her from Japan!

She actually filled the whole luggage with stuff for me and Limin (mostly mine duh~) til she didn't have space for her own stuff =X.
No worries since there're whole wardrobe of clothes waiting for her over here but her style and I varies quite much but oh well, no worries for LiYinism FashionTECTURE is a versatile one! :D

jia who's loving rugged look currently, which is so not LiYinism okay.
Time for make-over Lim Li Jia *snaps fingers*

Ruth was saying, "wah, very Japanese ah."
with all the 日本語 written all around the items.:D

I was already shrieking non-stop at this point.

Very busy unpacking and showing me this and that.

Even a simple snack can be interesting with all the simple か and the あ

EYE LASH TONER time for a pun ne ne long lashes!!!

Tokyo girls cup woohooo *I wonder if you know, if you been to Tokyo, if you see me if you lala then you know you have to go, FAST AND FURIOUS!!*

Just ignore me.

the bottle is too cute!

THE one and only CopiC markers.
(yes which costs siao $9.90 AUD for one here!)

See the "0, colourless blender" and the top right?
Jia was complaining saying, " what la bluff people into buying, I use my saliva also can!"




It climbs on poles like climbing trees (with the magnets at it's limbs)
ahhhh don't make me like this boh liao stuff please.
But wait I A.M bohliao =-="


haha bored and stoned faces at the back but
"as long as you get used to the LiYinism" :)

The lashes that I've been wanting!

For Jessmine Leong Man Mei who loves PEACH~
time to sing otsuka ai's :D

Skin food 满天下 which is gonna use die me.


Fans, errr, which are useful for summer! :)

20 freakin boxes inside I think use die me also :D

Another picture and ignore the "teh hijau".
Such a turn-off! >_<"

Innisfree, another ninki =
人気 = famous brand in nihon along with DHC.

Pink= cute.

Green tea perfume woot woot~~


Time for preperation for Vic market before St.Kilda woohoohoooooo!
Jia 私はあなたを愛してる! \(Y0Y)/

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Jia's over in Melbourne:

She'll be attending lectures with me!

Time for her to experience lectures in English instead of Japanese and guess what,
this happened 18 years ago when I used to play the "Big" sister role and accompany her to classes when she used to whine a lot and loathe attending school.

It'll be like kindergarten all over again ♥

Monday, September 7, 2009

David Guetta ft. Akon- Sexy Chick :)

O to the M G all the sexy chicks' bodies in the music video are to die for!

And Ibiza, Spain is like clubbing heaven ok!
When oh when is my turn to be a sexy chick there?! :D

*slaps self*

This seriously motivated me to stop gong gong chiak >_<"
(stupid stupid eat)

Ok! Gotta prepare for Japanese class before Jia from Japan's arrival THIS FRIDAY! Can you freakin believe in 5 days time wahahahahahahaha! There'll be lots of food indugence by then therefore time to spare some space in my stomach to accomodate the food intake then, never under-estimate the 杂食姐妹!! O_O" Well before that I'll have to work hard SMART.

yes! dayem the hard but SMART! WORK SMART LIM LI YIN!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Melbourne Fashion week was a blast.
The decision to create FashionTECTURE by LiYinism is final.
After degree and it'll be time for me to venture into my passion, period.


No more pleasing others but myself :)

Meanwhile, Friday yesterday was the busiest Friday EVER.

  1. Structures site visit in the morning at Collin's.
  2. My part-time job during lunch.
  3. Live-drawing design communication workshop from 3-5pm.
  4. Preperation for Melbourne Spring Fashion Show.
  5. Off to Town Hall for fashion show.
  6. Short meet up with the gang.
  7. Off to Boxhill for Mond's farewell.

Ain't the list long or is it long!

Attended dear ZhenJing's 21st at her house in the afternoon.
Owh it's really nice to have a proper compound to live in in Melbourne!

Cupcake frenzy!!
Happy birthday CJ~ :)

Sunny sunny spring~~~

Outside townhall while waiting for Ruth.

Fashion show @ the balcony seat.


~LiYinism~ quote.

I guess I'll be planting flowers on my head very often from now onwards to be inclined with the spring happy vibe :)

Ruthie getting her hair done before the show.

Mond Qu who's going to the AA.
I can be cropped from the picture =-="

Live drawing workshop.

I know what you are thinking.
the answer is YES.


Okay have been really stressed for this week, and I doubt next week will be any better.
And being in uni on a Saturday night ain't funny it is killing.
Not to mention the tension and stress that has been building T_T


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Iteration my S.

I am so darn screwed for studio T_T

Why oh why must this happen to me at the last semester of final year!
Oh should I think the other way round, finally a person (lecturer) to push me to use the computer (duh like finally in 4 years of architecture course).

Producing our works in style sheets for the past weeks have been making me immune to computer based designing. We are already in the mid of semester and guess what, LiYinism hasn't sketched a thing for the dance school yet. It's really a rare case for me to design without sketching! I know! How can like that for sketching is my best media to represent my thoughts and ideas but a big no no this time!?! T____T

Oh well I think I'll just have to adapt to the new system I am subjected to, but it's really unlike me to be behind schedule! LiYinism is always ahead of time, knowing what to do and excel (well at least do well) and I don't care, I must definitely make it right this weekend!!!


Meanwhile, MSFW!
(Melbourne Spring Fashion Week)!

What should I wear for the fashion show tomorrow? :)

Well maybe I should attend one of Marc Jacobs' film @ ACMI, Federation Square and catch a glimpse on THE Bryanboy, see how geng his fashion is.
Well apparently many have bumped into him @ glamorous Collin's, with him wearing heels as you can see from his blog :|

Play hard, study hard.
And it's time for me to work smart too somebody slap me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week!

Singing negaraku in a club, that must be our first times huh +_+"
We were quite high+speechless when we counted down at 12pm Australian time and started singing negaraku right after that... *stoned die me*

Whenever it comes to a new week, I cannot wait for the weekend.

All blame studio.

okay let's just hope the week pass by quickly until the fashion show woot woot woot!

Merdeka celebration @ CQ:
Malaysians gone wild indeed.

Beauty Peagant shot oh so glamorous!

Patriotic gila.

Setho Ossi sugar daddy.

I want this glam effect wtih lights zoom zoom boom boom pow everywhere on my camera too!!!

Tipsy kennysia who cheered "merdeka! Merdeka! merdeka!" with his right hand raised like Tunku Abdul Rahman got so siao or not :)

Jesslina soaring high~~~

Cant remember what we were laughing about but oh well, siao zha bors laughs 24/7 :)

Loving the small faced me owh how photos can be so freakin deceivng!!!! :|


more updates on photos from my camera time for studio!
Let's hope studio this week will go on smooth and silky T_T


OR SGCスペシャル限定セット | 化粧品・コスメ・スキンケアならDHC

Obviously Jia I want the PINK one!! wooohooo.
Very Juicy Couture-ish my love ♥

It's the eye lash toner that everybody has been talking about naruhodo!

Finally I'll get hold of it ahhh me cannot wait!
I'll have long lashes in no time and maybe soon I'll bid fake lashes bye bye! :D