Monday, September 7, 2009

David Guetta ft. Akon- Sexy Chick :)

O to the M G all the sexy chicks' bodies in the music video are to die for!

And Ibiza, Spain is like clubbing heaven ok!
When oh when is my turn to be a sexy chick there?! :D

*slaps self*

This seriously motivated me to stop gong gong chiak >_<"
(stupid stupid eat)

Ok! Gotta prepare for Japanese class before Jia from Japan's arrival THIS FRIDAY! Can you freakin believe in 5 days time wahahahahahahaha! There'll be lots of food indugence by then therefore time to spare some space in my stomach to accomodate the food intake then, never under-estimate the 杂食姐妹!! O_O" Well before that I'll have to work hard SMART.

yes! dayem the hard but SMART! WORK SMART LIM LI YIN!

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