Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a dream.

Dreamt of buying a white HERMES birkin last night and had to pay for the orange box are you kidding me. And in a separate dream in the same night, I had major hair loss and was literally balding where I still have a faint image in my head of me looking into the mirror with the littlest hair I could ever imagine T__T

What's happening?!!?

There are just too many things bugging me and omgness, somebody save me!

Anyway time for more packing AGAIN blah blah blah and more samples are dug out which I have no idea on which goes first. Enough of Korean and Japanese!!>_<"

Yer I wanna go Japan for Jia's graduation ceremony!! T__T but I guess there are bigger things to achieve than to go Japan for pink pink sakura para para sakura just imagine the pretty cherry blossoms!! *slap*

Okay til then, xoxo.


  1. I am Black female and have noticed over the last few weeks that everytime I brush or comb my hair, there is a lot of it in the brush, comb or on top of the counter top. This is definitely different from breakage that I used to experience when I used to color treat my hair, so I became a little concerned, especially after it had been growing so well.

  2. Haha...where do u get all those samples??