Tuesday, March 30, 2010

❤ I almost forgot how much I love them. ❤

It has been a while since the last time I carefully take out my stickers collection from the same old corner in the cupboard, slowly flipping through them one by one admiring them, before placing them back carefully into the box and back to the cupboard. I am telling you, it was an obsessive-compulsive stickers disorder and the stickers was like a drug, giving me the push to do something every now and then. Thinking back those days makes me laugh, how silly and crazy I was (or I am?) Anyway, I'll still keep those stickers carefully and hopefully one day I'll pass them to my daughter(s) lol slap me please.

Oh I almost forgot, I had an obssession over kawaii stationeries too and Barbie doll and Hello Kitty, which Xinyun always used to laugh at me during the secondary school days. Calling me childish omg Barbie doll hahahhahaha how I used to spend all the money I get from drawing competitions to buy Barbie dolls! Oh well, another something for my daughter(s), my Barbie Doll collection :)

Secret to getting good results,
have a set of cute stationery to keep you motivated and entertained throughout classes of the day.
At least that's mine!

Alright, going off to Queensbay mall in a bit and off to the airport for Jia's arrival!!!!!!!!!!!
Me is gonna be happy long long hopefully singK sessions many many before Jia leaves for Singapore :)


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