Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hong Kong Day 1 - Eat til you Explode Day.

Hong Kong Day 1.

  1. DimSum for Brunch @ Stanley Market.
  2. Hong Kong University.
  3. The Peak.
  4. 不倒翁-中日火煱料理 @ Time Square, Causeway Bay.
  5. TongPakFu-for soft-creamy-ice-dessert, Causeway Bay. (For the creamiest franchise)

First-to-do-task, to get the Octo-transport-card after searching high and low.
Kaching $150 off the pocket and off for the 30 minutes ride to the city.

Grabbed as much travel guides as possible, nothing to lose! *kiasu-ness*

Finally reached the city and had to walk from HongKong station to Central Station before boarding another train to Sheung Wan. Another 15 minutes after all the walking.

And its $100 for the Airport express.
Gosh. The first indication of the pocket detrimental effect *kaching*

Finally reached! And with Joe's friend Liz waiting. Felt really sorry for making them wait!! *_*
Without further delay, off we go to Stanley Market! The Eastal coast of HongKong with great sea view, in the Porche. The glamness.

I'm sure you are wondering where are the pix of me and Joe!
No doubt I started snapping non-stop once I met her for the sake of you guys, I've decided not to post up my horrendous-not-enough-sleep-look (as though I look good in every pictures I post right just ignore me)

*inhales the fresh chilly sea breeze deeply*

Great first welcoming stop to prepare the getaway from the hustle bustle of work.

Puteri Lilin Joe must be busy hiding from the sunlight :P

@ Murray House. Which building is from the hill, and now by the sea. How it was possible was that this building was previously located on a hill, and it was dismantled and labelled piece by piece and stored somewhere, until a few years back, it is rebuilt again, and this time by the sea. Is is cool or what!

"Among the more interesting restaurant sites on the waterfront is Murray House, a 160-year-old restored three-storey colonial building that was dismantled in 1982 from its original site in Central and then rebuilt in Stanley. It was restored in 1998 and now houses the Hong Kong Maritime Museum as well as restaurants.
Situated beside Murray House is Blake Pier at Stanley. Originally located in Central, Blake Pier was first dismantled in 1965 and later relocated to Morse Park to form the roof of the Morse Park pavilion. Now it has returned to its role as a public pier in Stanley, complementing the colonial architectural style of Murray House."

Time for Dimsum! And I think it's Shu Zhi Dim Sum?

Dim Sum for brunch! Utter yumness to fill our growling empty stomach.

XO Sauce Cheong Fun, savory instead the sweet ones we normally taste in Penang with the prawn paste. Okay I love them both :P

Fried shrimp wanton.
I miss the fresh succulent prawns T-T

After food, we went for more walking and sight-seeing.

And within 30 minutes, hello food again!

Located in a very secluded area.

Yeap still in Stanley Market.

Egg toast and YingYeong (Coffee + Tea)

With the speed of the fork you can see how excited we are to dig in despite our mouth still taste like dimsum.

After tea for tea, we hopped back into the car and with the Initial-D-Driving-Skill, we went through the steepest road in HongKong and landed safely off to the Peak *click*! Seriously, Liz's driving skill is really admirable. And I think I miss driving.. hmm..okay I take that back.

Visited HongKong University somewhere along the way.

The Peak!!! :)
And we waited til sunset.

Hopped back into the car and back to the city, for DINNER @@"

@ Timesquare HongKong at Causeway Bay.

For OTT (Over-The-Top) Steamboat at
Times Square, Causeway Bay, HongKong.

Forgotten which level was it in the mall.

Which costs:

Do the math.

And btw there were only 7 of us.

Hallelujah mamamia. But we definitely had a great time eating, talking, and sharing each others' culture.

Wish I could meet them again soon! :)

Off for dessert.

Gosh it never stops.

But really glad to get to taste the best ever creamy-soft-ice at Tong Pak Fu Dessert Restaurant, CausewayBay,

They have a few franchises in HongKong but according to the awesome locals, this particular outlet has the most CREAMY ice.

They are just so creamy, softy, and icy it melts your heart. *slaps*

Restaurant: Tong Pak Fu
Cuisine: Chinese/Taiwanese/Desserts
Last visited: April 13, 2010
Location: Multiple locations in Hong Kong
Address: Metro: Causeway Bay – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Price Range: $10 or less

Look at the layers!

Just look at the LAYERS OMG!!!

The most creamy soft ice ever tasted. *melts*

All in one day.
We should give ourselves a round of applause.

Day 2 coming up,
And TGIF tomorrow so soon!

Zoukout next Saturday starring Tiesto and David Guetta what more can I ask for?!
Gosh how long haven't I partied moreover with Hayden Loo and Nelly Pot excitedness!!!

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