Sunday, December 5, 2010

Garlic- and-Onion-Themed-Brunch!

Home alone.
And my first attempt to cook.

I was too lazy to leave my secure little space to get food so I started searching for ingredients left for me to cook a decent meal. Chopping garlics and onions is always my favourite part in cooking, turned on the flame and starting sizzling the garlic to golden brown and then the onions and mushrooms, off the vermicelli goes plus a pinch of flavourings,

Nothing can go wrong when there is cheese and I was searching high and low for some green stuff to sprinkle on it and I found seaweed!

Never did I realize everything in the kitchen is Japanese themed,
it's because Jia is the one who does groceries shopping :P

*munch munch slurp! :)

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