Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Blues is Official.

The negative vibe in the office today was inevitable. Every face I see was "projecting" the 'I-am-so-sick-of-this' look, I had to drink as much tea/ Milo as possible so I can escape to the toilet as many times as possible. It's not the boss being unreasonable or whatsoever coz I believe this is just Architecture life; One day you are really busy and then free-like-seriously-free and then busy like a dog again, which I thought it only happens in University days but apparently it happens in working life too! That's why I'm saying, if you are considering to take up Architecture, please think twice. Architects are like Artists, your work will not be appreciated until you are dead when suddenly you become famous. Oh well, I'm just making that up, but what I'm trying to say is that the road of being an Architect really hard, and is not suitable for those who actually want to make money. It is vital to utolize both sides of your brain, be creative, and also at the same time be practical, on top of that, be good in people management. In short, it can be a very satisfying job, but not necessarily financially. :O *gasp* And never did I realize that my job is giving me stress until I found out that me having the not-able-to-write-essays-during-exams-(SPM TIME)-dreams is because of stress that I'm experiencing. What can I say =_="

That aside, life is good. In a positive note, I'll take everything as a learning process, the procedure that makes me grow for the better! *fighting mode*

Random pix as always:

Cotton On Body. XS singlet, which makes me look skinny! *Deceiving* If only I'm that skinny!

Potato coated sausage and kimchi sauce. Spotted in Takashimaya. YumM! :)


Went to NUS for concert last Friday. Thanks Chong Yen for the invite and tickets! ;)

Got to touch the $ four hundred thousand Steinway Ggrand Piano yes you hear me right, be blinded by the zeros $400,000 for a freakin piano! That figure can already buy a house like seriously!
I still look forward in having one for my own, it has been my dream to own a grand piano in my house.

Alright, that's all for now. Have a good week everyone. Stay positive and yay, I'm still a Pisces! :)

P/S: Joe said my face looks small in the pictures, and I said it's called angle 'management'
FUNNY HOR! :D *slaps*


  1. Your face looks so small in the pictures! xx

  2. You look so slim and pretty!! haha Why pieces not aquariup babyanymord

  3. hahahaha thank you my favourites darlingss <3
    It seems like the star has always been there. Just that people don't make it official. something like that. Joe, it's angle 'management' LOL!!!