Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wacom Lovin ♥

It may seem that I've got nothing much to do lately just lazing around but why am I always occupied?!! There are many many things to do in such a short time which I don't even understand why am I such a busy lady! Went to singK in Redbox this afternoon and my oh my, I almost forgot how I used to be part of the enthusiast bunch of secondary students! Time really flies how many times have I got to say to prove the point and with this double 2, I figured it's time to really do something in life before it's too late. I keep telling everybody I want get involved with investments, starting my own business, be a millionaire by the age of 25 and huhuhu all of them seem so unattainable, and you even have such courage to type them all out here lady. =___=" I guess it may be time to privatize this little space of mine so I can just spill out whatever I want to say whenever wherever we shall see, or nobody's actually reading this? :| oh whatever and current craze: WACOM LOVIN'! :D

I've always wanted to attempt portrait fashion sketching using wacom but I know fashion is not only about sketching but fabric management and assembling the pieces together to structure the creativity into reality. Can I go to New York and be the next Zang Toi please, see another dream which deserves a tight slap huhuhuhu.

Aights enough crap and here are some pix taken when I was in KL.Met up with the baboosh twins plus one, which I am yet to adapt both of them are very cute and loving please :)

Us with the tea set for 2:

Jessmine plus one.

Jesslyn baboosh.

Somebody please explain how on earth can 2 person gluttonise this amount of food?

Next day was going over for my job interview which turned out to be near where rar-rar-rar-mah-mah-Hayden Loo is working at and of course we met up and hello hello telephone non-stop! :D

Only half of Hayden I know left!


And then another sms from JiannLih and poof, off I went to Pavilion right after interview and lucky me, I was the lucky number one to be taken with his new f1.8 4mm (I think that's how they call it) portrait lense.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well for me,

a pretty picture a day gets LiYinism blown away. lame.


I want GUCCI.

I want PRADA.

Ultimately, I want HERMES BIRKIN.

And please pronounce HERMES correctly yes it's a silent "H" with

エ(e)ル(ru)メ(me)ス(su) in katakana, get the drill?

Hoping for the very best in life.



  1. dare to dream is the 1st step...

    sometime, may be the successful just different than others cuz they didn't stop...hehe...

    got a quote 1, i forgot jor..haha.

  2. ohh?? they didnt stop believing and just keep chasing their dream??

    faster find that quote out!!

  3. I'm one of the fashion illiterate...haha...ERMES? Is that a japanese brand? why use kata to explain? hohoho

    Anyway, thanks for saving me from people making fun of me of mispronouncing Hermes Birkin next time...

  4. dunno y cant recall it...><.

    smth like

    ......is those who too busy to realized it is impossible...

    i post it b4....i think i got it from han hung's bro..hehe..

  5. khai sheng: no la, not japanese, I couldnt find another simpler way coz I dont know how to read all those pronunciation symbols (what izit called?)
    anyway, now you know!! :)

    zaolon, ohh? you got it from han yeong? let me ask him then lol!!

  6. khai sheng, Hermès is a paris based high end fashion brand. they 1st started with producing saddle for horse, which explain why their logo is a Duc carriage with a horse. pronunces as E-MEH, no H no R no S.

    Their signature scarves is only 90cm x 90cm, weigh 65grams. every single scarves totally the same measurement!!!!