Friday, March 5, 2010

Calories Overdose Day Out, me ♥ TAO + Penang Hawker ♥

Since our dear Xinyun managed to pass all her subjects which apparently is a big success for her, time for TAO outing at Autocity omg I almost forgot how much I love eating all the unagi I can!! Having said that, there's one thing that I've been wanting to find out!!

I remembered seeing Tao道 at Red carpets and events while watching E! Channel, is it the same company all the way from the United States opening a branch in our small city Penang?

TAO, New York VS. TAO, Penang.

Hmmm I guess they ain't the same afterall, maybe a sub just like MIU MIU being the sub of PRADA? No MIU MIU is not a Japanese/ Asian brand but is by PRADA, by the name of Miuccia Prada now you know :)

It's surprising to not find TAO anywhere else in Malaysia other than Penang, not even Kuala Lumpur, I guess that's something we Penang lang should be proud of, being able to be pampered with streams of yummy, fresh, and well-displayed dishes with only the price of RM38++!!
Okay RM45++ with Sashimi but please, RM55 the most for a heartful satisfying meal it's only AUD 15 after converting, which always makes us happy as though we are actually earning AUD =-="

Okay enough talking and some pictures.

Looking back at my old blog posts reminds me of how much I loved blogging, pain-stakingly edit every picture and water mark them as though people out there would actually care to steal my photos and post the pix one by one and describing every move I made *gasp*

Wow I really admire my-previous-love-blogging-self.

To be honest, I don't remember taking most of the photos and Joe, Herng, Xinyun if you are reading this!! Spot the photo 4 of us took in the pool in N park (Evidence 2)!!!

Any idea where is the file now???? :D

Anyway, here are pictures taken yesterday definitely calories overdose for the day, read on and you'll know how many freakin stops we actually made on food!!! me love :)

To start off the day with 10 orders.

At the salad bar while waiting for our orders.

Cheese Battered Salmon.


Unagi and Salmon Volcano with crispy inner layer,
which adds scrumptious substance for munching ♥

Definitely a MUST-TRY!

Credits to JiaWen, our many many cawamushi!! :)

Tuna sashimi.

The carefully battered tuna piece that's hiding within.

Unagi Tofu very very healthy dish~

Ebiko, dear xinyun it's not my favourite but my bro Tatt's.
Mine is ♥ UNAGI ♥

Now the MUSSELS is added into my must-take-list-in-TAO.
Yeap it's the same sauce as the previous ones they served with the scallop.

Xinyun's favourite scallop with their new sauce, not the usual spicy one but still very cheesy yummmmmms~

Loving the mussels!!

very thin fish with sweet soy sauce, recommended for order although you are already half way there coz it's just a very small portion.

Look how thin it may look crispy and hard but fret not, the fish meat is still very tender and succulent with outer thin crispy layer.

Unagi + Rice which xinyun insist in getting although we were already full ka pua si.

Poor tiny crabs and shrimps.

Crabstick mania.
Very succulent and rich in taste :|

My all-time-favourite-Butter-Fish.

At this point we were already sipek full.

Time for photo-shooting session while waiting for the food to digest.

And then after the Coffee-Vanilla-ice-cream, we gladly declared all those as a meal ♥

Contact TAO Autocity for reservation:

1820-F1, Jalan Perusahaan,

Auto-City North-South Highway Juru Interchange,

13600 Prai, Penang, Malaysia.

Image 04-5017826 Image 04-5017827



Because I love promoting Penang cuisine and boost our economy :)

Lazing at Jia Wen beautifully decorated interior designed by Jia Wen herself.

After shopping at Perangin Mall with lots of online garments spotted, off we headed to New Lane, Penang (below Sunway Hotel) for my FAVOURITE Penang Hawker Food!!!

Great location to get whatever food you want from Penang, you name it, they've got it.

Curry Mee.

Jiu Hu Eng Cai i鱿鱼.
Jia Wen with red red lips after eating the 辣椒不用本Curry Mee.

Xinyun decided to stop for the famous Belacan 鸡 Chicken when we passed by Taman Sri Rambai and I'm lovin the chicken gizzard :)

So now you tell me, was our day overdosed by calories or what! Okay have to stop here for the time being and off to the dentist I hate going to the dentist they say certain people have different experience as their childhood phobia and I guess going to the dentist is mine T_____T


  1. WOWWOWOW!!! That's a lot a lot of food...calories overdosed haha!!

  2. hahahahah yessss!! dont we just love penang! hahaha