Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MARC by MARC JACOBS bag, FREE from Japan mag.

I felt the need to blog about the countless branded bags Jia get from Japan magazines! 
Seriously? a MARC by MARC JACOBS bag?! Free?!

 Why oh why don't malaysia have this sort of promotions? or is MYR's value too low? Duh I don't have to ask that stupid the nation knows how rediculously low our Malaysian Ringgit is and if we fresh graduates were to step out of the country and the only thing we get to eat is grass! Like seriously no joke wakalukong. And the on-going politics is seriously such a pain in the ass. No need to mention names and despite discrimination not being my cup of tea, there's still an undeniable issue that's happening in this country.

There's nothing much I can do besides registering myself and voting, or the only way is to leave than to rot. (?!) 
We shall see.

Anyway, here comes a few All-Hail-Vanity-shots with the Tutu Denim that I'm selling in FashionTECTURE 
(be quick only final 2 pieces left) with the oh so cute please MARC by MARC JACOBS bag.

More coming up next yes Jia came back with more than one bag from MARC by MARC JACOBS this is so exciting! Not to mention her new Samantha Thavasa.co.jp
 In case you are wondering who takes my FashionTECTURE shots, it's either mee, or dee, or Li Yang my cute lil' brother. I'm just a person with such dominance oh please you wouldn't wanna live under the same roof with me. *cries.

And those are clothes on racks which were initially allocated for FashionTECTURE stocks but it seems that the wardrobe were gonna explode in no time and we had to take action.

No doubt the racks are filling up quick but there's never enough for women when it comes to clothes/bag/shoes! Agree? :)

One of my favourite shot!
Maybe coz it's blur and hides out the fats. *shy.

Summer Straw Hat: Dotti.
Vest: Thrifted, Camberwell Market AUD 2 T_T
Denim Corset Tutu Dress: RM49 
selling at FashionTECTURE
MARC by MARC JACOBS bag: Free, Japan.
Heels: Tony Bianco AUD 10, REMEMBER?!

More random shots:

The super cool hair dye which is like a hair syampoo!
No joke you just have to wash your hair and apply it like a bottle of shampoo.

Go and bathe and wash wash wash and rinse and POOF!!
Your hair is all dyed up instead of the convention-painstaking-at-least-an-hour-hair-dying-session.

Can't wait to try it on!!!

The many phones from Japan.
Faster unlock so I can use. *points at pink one.

I'm hoping to pull another look out from the wardrobe for the next pouch, 
I guess Tony Bianco will be appearing non-stop from now onwards? :)

Have a great day my friends! xoxo


  1. aaah im in love with your shoes!
    loving the blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. Awesome bag!! what a great promotion. i really like that Coke picture also =)

  3. such a gorgeous look!!
    loving the photos
    love your blog, keep it up
    thanks for sharing, darling!


  4. hi, nice dress.
    btw, they do sell those free branded bags in Kinokuniya KLCC @ the japanese books area ;)