Friday, April 2, 2010

Fragile Lives We Have.

It's already the month of April with April Fool to start off the cheerful month. Apparently everybody will take serious news as a joke and it was in the evening when the house phone rang, calling for Jia, with Swee Ling at the other end saying that our friend Shi Long was involved in an accident and was in the ICU of GH. It was rather disbelieving moreover with the April Fool vibe on, we chose not to believe at first until the reality sank in and yes, it was indeed the reckless bus drivers of Kuala Lumpur - Penang, causing our dear friend to be in a critical condition, broken skull and unconscious.

It is really sad that our government is not taking any action against the sick phenomena that has been happening for the past few years, where innocent lives are taken because of the irresponsible sick bus drivers.

Tragedy like this happens too often until a point where there isn't any news in the Star newspaper reporting this incident.

Seriously, where's the justice?

Every human being has the right to live and no one is ever qualified to injure others' life.
All I can do now is pray for the best for our dear friend will recover very soon.
He is a strong person and we are sure he'll get over this phase :)

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  1. well is really frustrated to read the same kind of news over and over again...

    ....he is a strong guy and all will be over very soon....he will pull it through...