Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogging on a Weekday ♥

There are so many things I want to blog about! great working life in a conducive environment, life in Singapore, new friendly colleagues I am lucky enough to get a chance to work with, safe streets where I get to flaunt and walk confidently without people scrutinizing, great shopping (without buying), oh well to sum it all, I am quite contented with what I have now :)

Snap shot taken just now before I left the office, crazy amount of paper plus the study-the-blury-plans-until-my-eyes-go-flowery hours until today finally when all plans, sections, and elevations are drawn out with the newly learnt software which is really user-friendly! Must be Mac doing the trick of making me falling in love with the program. And did I mention that we had FREE LUNCH today by, yes anything that starts with 'F' and ends with 'E' associated with the word which starts with 'F' and ends with 'D' (FOOD) will just make me go gaga I'm just too easily tricked huh just like giving candy to a kid T-T

Oh don't bother as long as I am happy!

Guess what guess who guess where?!?!?!?!?! You have no idea how happy I am when they announced it's gonna be a company trip after wanting to go the minute I came to know about Shanghai Expo. Yes yes I AM GOING TO SHANGHAI WORLD EXPO 上海世博会 *clap clap clap*

Jia came over for lunch again yesterday after submitting forms and application for her over-paid-job why is her pay so high I also want T_T and off to the famous chicken/duck/rice/mee/wonton coffee shop, which is also located along Keong Saik Road, I am so lucky to be easily accessible to yummy food.

Jia's Duck Rice and my duck and very nice textured mee. (not you maramee)

ur yummelicious lunch, happily employed Jia and her agnès b.

Somebody please tell me why izit so popular?

Tagged along for a family shopping spree last weekend, which was bizarre with the swift grab-try--like-kaching! :)

And we had BREAKFAST for LUNCH.

Yes you heard me right! We went to Wild Honey, where they serve breakfasts from all around the world all day!

Tunisian breakfast

English breakfast.

European breakfast.


Dear D(ea)r. Hui-Lin and I, spot the hint! :)

Almost finish catching up Gossip Girl season 3 and Chuck never fails to bring emotional tears I am not kidding why oh why when he starts to be sad and I'll fail to control my emotions?! Yes crying while watching Gossip Girl are you kidding me how lame can I get.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, 2 more days before GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!!!

Places to (window) shop during GSS next weekend: Forever21, RiverIsland, CottonOn, TopShop, ZARA :)
And how can I ever miss out Charles & Keith!!!

obviously its just WINDOW shop so maramee please don't worry, Jia and I will bring our aunty selves to start buying house hold items and NECESSITIES for our future home. Bolster is a must :) Hmmm I should start jotting down the list of things needed, which is also the fun part of shopping *claps

Okay time to hit bed at 11pm, you might not believe this but I kinda look forward to going to work everyday, oh well at least for now.

Have a great day tomorrow. you know you love me. xoxo

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