Friday, May 21, 2010

Blah Blah Blah :)

Helloooooooooooo??? Anybody there?

Oh wow how long have I not been here?

dumdadeedum life has been good, real good in fact, although at times I would want to go back to lazing-at-home-days, Never did I know that I won't be going back since I came over 1 month ago wuwuwu T_T but no, despite the little pinch, it's time for me to fly off from my nestling home sweet home, and the fact of Singapore being 45 minutes away from home makes it even better :)

Working life so far is quite educational, mingling around with attentive and helpful colleagues while having eat-in-lunch-talk every Tuesdays and Wednesdays broaden my knowledge in architecture bit by bit. No doubt I still have no idea of what URA MSC IDUNO BLA.COM initial craps which cannot be more foreign but hopefully as time goes by, I'll be able to at least proudly say that I'm an Architect Assistant, Architect-to-be-boom-boom-pow! :D

And I realized I have 口福, fortuitous knack for getting to eat excellent food *definition source,

FIRST EXAMPLE: was Labour's Day Out with Jia when Triumph (yes the bra brand) was giving out free Frolick yogurt ice-cream.

Don't we just love the word F.R.E.E *goes crazy.

Jia was really happy coz she was craving for ice-cream the moment I exclaimed, "they must be giving out ice-creams" when we were walking from Raffles Place to MRT station. Jia actually missed the 2 pretty girls giving out empty ice cream cups and smarty me knew it must be free ice cream I also don't know why I'm so clever :)

Satisfied ice-cream customer and yeah we totally ignored the triumph bra promotion that they were having :\

2ND EXAMPLE: was last week end to Orchard Road with Hayden and Kath with the ohmygaga heels which eventually defeated me hands down *Hallelujah! when we got FREE $4.20 MAGNUM GOLD ICE-CREAM boom boom pow!

Hayden with his obscene pose plus his AIGNER-ish t-shirt :P

Wrong position with fat arms what who cares the ice-cream is still heaven plus it is really coated with GOLD I AM NOT KIDDING. Dee just told me consuming gold flakes helps to cure joints inflamation oh now gold is the new item in our human edible list :|


The gold flakes biscuits that I saw 4 years back in Japan make sense now.

More Japan photos oh no here goes O_O



Oh I remember this. hahahaha thinking back makes me laugh at myself, young innocent mind I have and apparently as time goes by, things change, thoughts change, people change?


Macha green tea ice cream, I think I remember the taste *slaps.


F.R.E.E tasting just eat only don't care if being scrutinized *eats and runs.


Minnie in Pink Kimono what more could I ask?


Just a must do when you are in Kiyomizudera, Kyoto.




Okay back to reality, Jia came over to have lunch with me today coz I was telling her how much I am loving the 生面 at a Coffee Shop along Keong Saik Road.

Us and our many types of chili and the chili padi here is super spicy which will make you go ss-ha-ha-ss-ha-ha *spicy sound effect* when eating. Definitely the no.1 must-have dish in the future yes it is considered a dish call me crazy. Spicy queen (?!)

Okay, I am going off for some Gossip Girl and Glee which I got from Hui-Lin here comes the weekend, I can sleep any time I want! weeeeeee~*

More updates tomorrow and have a great weekend ahead peeps.

Enjoy life and live it to the fullest! xoxo


  1. hey gal, u’re enjoying alot.. u r doing well =)

  2. thanks girl :)
    didnt know you blog!!! :D