Friday, May 14, 2010


aTalking about ups and downs in life, it is undeniable to accept the fact that life has its ups and downs. There is always sunshine after the rain, and no doubt, rain after sunshine? :\ I don't know don't bother to understand it's just the yin and yang that I'm trying to convey, the positive and negative force which makes the universe go round. Don't ask about why rich and famous in Beverly Hills/ Hollywood and the poor and starving in Africa, yin and yang doesn't make sense there this is getting too confusing innocent people's lives taken imagine all the people, living life in peace? *starts singing John Lennon's Imagine. Why oh why must he be assassinated?

Okay enough perplexity and back to the title of this post
知足长乐 :) which means:
Happiness is for those who are contented.

To be honest, I'm rather happy now, step by step achieving little things which let it be financially or emotionally, giving up my seat to those who needs it more and get a smile in return to a 1k check for 8 days *kaching :) Started my training in the new firm and so far I am positive to have joined a firm which is teaching based, eat-in-lunch time talks to prepare us for AR examinations (which is still a long way to go) and I'm officially the baby of the company. Wonder if it's a good or bad thing? There are even night sketchUp classes provided the willing-to-learn-ness adhered. Since it's safe to travel late on this little island, I wonder if I'll be one of the kiasu workaholics in no time? :\

hello. 1kg chocolate fat die. bizzare. com

Why pilot gets to play the simulator as an examination so fun one I want?! :(

Had the famous 小龙包 a few days back and so happens that this famous place is just a street down my work place!!!

And the Chinese Pancake definitely a must try in Qun Zhong! :)

Had a walk down ION in the morning with all brands you can ever think of LV Gucci Prada MIU MIU D&G Desquared you name it ION got it which bring me to realization of the scary materialistic world we are living in. Had a nose bleed when I was walking around alone I am not joking, I was frantically inhaling wondering why I had so much watery mucus flowing out from my nose until I found out that my nose was actually BLEEDING after noticing the blood stains on my hands that is so unglam please?!

Are you kidding me the energy imposed by the brands are just too great?! O_O?

Each individuals have the right the choose his or her own way of life. If buying branded goods is the goal of life, so let it be. There is no need to judge. I believe every woman has the right to be sexy, glamorous, and rich. There's no need to give up one to gain the other, all we have to do is have faith, set a time frame, strive hard towards it, and believe hard enough.

Law of attraction, boomz! :)

P/s: My point of view and the title of this post is such a contradiction! Oh well, just come what may. 4 digits in my account I am so happy dot com after 8 days of work I hope the 4 digits wont be temporary! Kachings oh kachings, love me please?

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  1. that food looks so lovely!!
    you have a great blog, keep it up
    and thanks for the comments, they mean the world!