Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mee is happy with my G.L.A.M outfit~!

Yeap, mee's finally back from the 7 days Kuching-Sibu-to-attend-relative's-birthday-trip with ahma and mak ee FINALLY! :)

Yang and Dee playing the drum game while waiting for mee to land @ Qbay last night.

Which was total siaoness and utter fun!
Although it was only a short 2-3 min game.

both sweating non-stop seriously, don't play play.

we got it from our papa! :P
Am telling you this game freakin needs hand muscles and good reflectory system! =-="
tired die me lor wakalukong.

As for the G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S night out,
I've consulted I-got-it-from-my-Fashionista-mama!

sneak peak:

you don't need a reason to be glamorous.... INDEED :)
1988 babies 21st birthdays party bash!
woot gotta go prepare for the 2days one night Penang trip wooooo excitedness!
We are such a bunch of gossip girls! :D


  1. Chin Hou once play that drum thing with the hardest lvl available... and i was beside him.
    you know... he played with single hand.... and say.. TOO EASY.... ahahahhaha

  2. wah i would wanna see chin hou play!!!! sure very the yeng one!! really not jian dan ler the game>_<

  3. that time in akihabara i saw one otaku playing also, wahlao really looked like a robot! O_O"