Sunday, January 25, 2009


Blogging in the midst of CNY preperations. Woke up relatively early (around 9.30am not that early huh *__*) today to help mee wrap the fruits with red paper which has been my job because of my artistic skills.
Wrapped lots of lime oranges this year coz mee believe the more the better. 
= ?? 
hahahha well I do hope so!

Mee arranging the fruits as backdrop.
in ORANGE as well ;)
pineapple "黄梨" which means "旺来"
"PROSPOROUS" when pronounced in Hokkien.

Those are "evergreen oranges"
Looks very real huh! :D

Dee cleaning up the patio.


Before I go, here's a table on what to wear according to your Chinese Zodiac Sign.
A lot of YELLOW going on for Dragon. 
Good thing I have 2 new dresses that Jia brought back from Japan that I kept since last year.
Thanks for the coincidence! :)



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  1. u should put 3 梨子 in the same bucket with the pineapple so that , 旺来,来来来!
    "ong lai liao koh zai lai!"