Monday, January 5, 2009


Mariah Carey- "Through the rain" which made my throat sore, lame.

I ended up taking the initiative to redraw the scores 2 keys lower, despite the fact of me hating theory(!)  in order for me hit the high note just like Mariah Careeey.......~
(imitating the nerd in "touch my body" MTV when he saw her opening the door)

Desperation :)...

WHAT?!?! Through the rain mar!
This song says it all! You can achieve anything as long as you have the heart~*
Have been practicing it lately, plus dee's motivation too. Thanks dee! :)

But now my hasn't-gotten-well-throat is again being irritated and I'm back to the coughing-non-stop routine *__*"....

Hah!! 6 lines instead of 5!! O_O"
symptoms of not being intact with theory for ages!

 Gonna take a break with those sing-along-songs. My throat is really itching now!! Poor throat.

Why can't I load Twilight- New Moon?!??!?!?!! :(

Yes PDF version is that a problem!?!*_*

I'm telling you it has been a while since I grab a proper book and read it with pillows and bolsters and blankets all cuddled up around me, (as if I do that often =-=) But since Twilight! TWILIGHT!! Ughhhh the romance of the story just keep me glued towards the story until no sky no earth wakalukong! :)

And now in suspense of wanting to know what happens next after the prom, I COULDN'T LOAD THE SECOND BOOK NEW MOON ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! =-=

ughhh frustrationS!

Plus temptations that keep my weight non-stop ascending! *faint*

Whittaker's Chocs from New Zealand from Limin!! :)
~My all time fav~

I cannot imagine how heavy I'll weigh when I'm in Aus.

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