Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back from Siehtheng's Orientation day~!

Hahahaha was off in KL for the weekend to celebrate Chen SieuTheng's hot sexy 21st birthday with the school uniform theme. Too much Gossip Girl obsession with SieuTheng as the hot sexy teacher before going for the Melbourne Uni's pre-departure Briefing in KLCC.

So much to update but too bad I'm relatively conked out (*_*)

Yeap back in Penang, such a hectic yet fun weekend I must say!

More update soon! :D

Gosh I'm gonna miss all my college buddies :'(


  1. u always got red eye when taking picture hoh? hmm... bcz u got brown eyes which makes ur blood vessel in ur eye ball more visible then the flash fire at u.... xD

  2. harrrr is that really a theory?!?!?! or are you making assumptions? :P

    but sometimes quite irritating lo see my eyes red red >_<"

  3. eh i think u took more photos than me at my! i got drunk too early

  4. hahaha i think so toooooo +__________+"

    nevermind it was your night, we had fun!!!! :)