Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TOILET-the best place for me to ponder...

I don't where's the best place for you to contemplate about things and happenings but for me, I must admit that the place for me to properly think is the TOILET. It's amazing I know the toilet are you kidding me you must be thinking but yes, here I am dripping wet after shower and typing away coz I think that I should write my thoughts down before I start clicking into facebook and diving into the deep www which will then deviate  and distract me.

I haven't mentioned that I actually did not have an internet connection when I stayed at the Ballegio for a year. Yes me no kid. You might be wondering how the hell can I still be so active in facebook and blog so often as if I'm always glued in front of my computer screen but the fact is that I only get to go online in Uni throughout this whole year. Came to think about it's really crazy, I mean how did I manage to survive without internet at home?! But astonishing enough I actually pulled through a year without internet at home due to the never-ever-stop-coming-assignments and a part-time job at Uni Square which keeps me occupied the whole day until I'm back for rest and sleep.

Oh shoot I forgot whats the point of this post already mee la disturb me :P

OKAY! errr...yea about:
Stop living for Other people's Life and Start living for your Own.

Nothing much actually just the point about how people these days tend to go for the expected, study study study and go into the profession that they are studying and work work work. I reckon it's about how human are afraid of the challenge and to save all the trouble, might as well take the familiar path that everyone else has taken.

Yes I studied architecture and being an architect is what I'm supposed to be. It might be it that I don't thoroughly understand how an architect's life is yet but what's for sure for now is I would want to take this opportunity to actually explore my inner self and attempt various possibilities in life to earn a decent living rather than going for the norm. I don't know what to expect in the year 2010 and I might regret at some point and think that why did I not just get done with whatever Masters program and start AutoCADding and meeting clients oh wait that's till I AM the boss, before that it is merely AutoCADding your boss's design from 9am-5pm until my true inner talent slowly fades by day OMG I DONT WANT THAT LIFE CAN I PLEASE NOT?!

It's rather daunting to just think about it, all my youth and imagination spent on other people's life yes I'm selfish like that!


I still remember how inspired I was after reading those self-motivation books such as "rich dad poor dad"- Robert Kiyosaki and watching "the Secret" and Zaolon kept saying that he hated the Secret and we actually had the conversation about it being too mysterious for his liking and how it's similar with other motivation programs which at some point actually beat my believe in it, moreover the cancellation of the job offer for next year at the time. But now a silver lining in every cloud, I came out with another option to kick-start the year 2010 with strings of plans lining up and with that, I prefer to keep "the Secret" as a mysterious motivation obsession. :)

Might take a day off to date myself hahahha siao but yes, I will be dating myself and watch Avatar 3D alone and it might sound as pathetic as it seems but I reckon this outing will be the perfect time for self comprehension.

Wish me all the best and may all of us have a great 2010 ahead!! :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Boxing day frenzy~

$5 diva is too tempting.
I had to think of my baggage allowance again and again to prevent myself from buying the whole $5 rack T_T

$5 each.

Original price was $29.99

and $24.99 for the head band.

And the specs mee and I got the other day ♥

Ok la don't know what to type here for the time being.

Just a quote of the day.
Happiness without anyone to share is not happiness.

:) ♥

Saturday, December 26, 2009

♥I'm officially a grown up woman♥

Hello it's 8am in the morning and I've just sent ~mee and dee~ off and came back to an empty apartment :(
It has been a really fast week, all the thrill and excitement 3 of us had in Melbourne.
I wanna thank the sisters xiaoB and daB so much for the rides around the state, from St.Kilda to Mornington and for coming over for my graduation ceremony to take pictures non-stop during this significant day of mine. :')I feel really guilty right now coz ~mee and dee~ must be having a hard time shifting everything up and down till everything's checked in, popi popi everything shun shun li li.

Will be home in 3 weeks' time, final indulgence into the hustle and bustle of the city before I practically leave this vibrant city of one year education before gearing up to face the real world I'm about to face. It's really grateful to have the greatest parents to encourage and give support to whatever decision I make in life. At least with a degree at the age of 21, I'll then have the freedom and opportunity to really find out what really lies in me and strive for what's worth while I'm still young, keen and buoyant :)

I'm really excited for what lies ahead in my future and here's a long post with crazy many pictures to mark the point from being a student to being an adult ♥

While getting ready fitting into the XS because it's a bubble skirt cut to fit my big bump.
*sizes can be deceiving.

Mee putting on the ting ting tang tang too busy!

While dee has only got neck tie as accessories.

While me with many many pearl bracelets :)

snap snap snap non-stop once we were ready.

Each with one umbrella sun too scorching hot and mee with her new Givenchy *wink.

Glamorous parents.

Xiao B reached the same time as us before I even had my gown on and started snapping pix when I put the regalia on thanks xiao B :')

Adjusting the robe to go with my frills~

XiaoB present me graduation flowers so happyyyyy*

On the way to South Lawn snap snap snap* :)

Cannot miss every single angle inside the arches:

Adjusting the robe again too heavy!

Adjusting again while Xiao B prepare to capture a oh-so-big-green-field-shot :)

Shiow hui came down under again and was in time for my graduation happy happyy.
Me and the Batu conquerers :)

Swift move from places to places thanks Xiao B for this glamorous shot!!

All the ladies!

And the Taylorians!!!!!
It was our Diploma graduation ceremony this year February, 2 graduations for us in a year utter awesomeness~*

Cannot remember why my salah face.

snap non-stop 就是了 :)

♥with the greatest parents♥

Have a great holiday my dear friends, will see all of you real soon~