Friday, December 18, 2009


I felt motivated after successfully selling the BURBERRY inspired bag this afternoon to a Malaysian, Penang lang, from Kulim! What a small small world! We had a short chat when we met at Melbourne Central but too bad she had to run due to the 15 minute parking.

So anyway I was motivated to D.I.Y after successfully selling the bag with a swift replacement of the broken stripe with my dunno-from-where-bag-stripe (now you know how many junk I store throughout the year like omg-ness dunno where everything comes from lor!) And so due to Gu Jun Pyo overdose (outfits he wore for the final few episodes), I had this idea of taking the rocker studs out from the belt Ai Ming gave me :) and stud them into my Cotton On hat I got myself yesterday for only $5 hahahahaahhaa!

Getting started.

Painstakingly removed the studs which was time consuming but exciting.

After the strenuous process:

JENG JENG JENG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fualao so old soli.

Time for more eye serum :\


And I have to put the apartment keys around my neck 24/7 to prevent myself from locking myself outside you know how blur I can be!


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