Thursday, December 10, 2009

T____T Last day of work 2mr.

Oh well no doubt I am very the emo now :(

damn you visa crap.

It seems like there's nothing much I can do now, trying to help out as much as I can before leaving and I'll definitely miss the place of 2 weeks. It's just the anxiety I had and being so prepared to work there for a year and then boomz on your face, you have to leave, dream crushed and mind scattered all over the place, too bizarre to handle.

I still can't believe I'll be leaving Melbourne for good T____T

$4 pizza I had with my colleagues of 2 weeks.

Yes the amount of salmon is crazy!

And it's only $4!!!!!

With Rosie who's the student architect from Melbourne Uni as well.

Des from New Zealand and Jana from Germany world wide international :|

Exchanging pizza and going out for $4 pizza is their every Thursday 'ritual'

Too bad I only had one chance to join the fun.

A little walk around Brunswick during lunch break after pizza.

And then cycled all the way South to Albert Park from work to grab the opportunity for some Christmas ambiance, SANTA FLOODING MELBOURNE TOWN! :)

♥ Final tiny parcel from Japan to Melbourne ♥


boomz on my face when I opened the little parcel.

DHC gold eye shadow Jia got me as a yay-you've-got-a-job-present.

Just finished watching Flower Over Boys, the Korean F4 drama and omg I cannot stop thinking and recaping the romantic scenes again and again please. Where and how on earth can there be such a perfect romantic story with the guy being rich and handsome and romantic which are what every girl yearns for from a guy?!

Oh wait it's just a unrealistic drama.

I don't need you to remind me that :\

But I still can't restrain myself from fantasizing myself being in a romantic relationship, secretly wishing there's this one relationship which will fulfull my yearn omg I can't believe I actually typed that out somebody slap me please.

Okay imma hit bed soon for my final day 2mr.

we often get caught of the past, worry about the future, and neglect the present.

Maybe it's time for me to grasp this sentences and remind myself everyday.



"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

"Today is a gift, that's way it's called present."




  1. Don't be T.T for the last day of work o...enjoy it to bits...

    Who knows you will be back here?

    Love your last true! A good reminder to me at least...=)

  2. hihi...ganbatte o..
    i really understand ur feeling rite now...

    sometime...being sad doesn't mean it is bad...
    it shows us what we really want deep down inside..
    i am in the same kind of situation lately
    i'm sure u will find a way to get back there.
    law of attraction??lol..

    'we often get caught of the past, worry about the future, and neglect the present.'
    love it so much...

    until we meet again...take care!

  3. glad that the short quote motivated you guys!! :)
    Oh well, I guess it's true and we'll just have to make the best of whatever we have.

    and lon you are very sarcastic har the way you phrase the 'law of attraction' :\

    hehehehe anyway thanks so much and yes, until we meet again! ;)