Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's tiring to have nothing to do!!! :\

Am currently working hahahahahaa just had my lunch break and I think I'm practically having lunch break the whole day!

Before lunch time:

Get to the desk, pretend to do something, online, fb, surf the net, and more surfing the net.

Lunch time:

At the desk, pretend to do something, online, fb, surf the net, and more surfing the net, while having my lunch box.

After lunch time:

Get to the desk, pretend to do something, online, fb, surf the net, and more surfing the net.

Oh well at least there's something different during lunch time, WHICH IS EATING fml.

I'm feeling very tired and sleeeeepy now after a little get together at i-cannot-remember-the-name-bar for Chor's birthday, and going back before 12am knowing that we have to wake up early for job the next morning ain't fun at all :(

And I broke the 2o minutes record by only taking approximately 10 minutes to reach my work place! Getting pro in cycling and it's a really good sport I must say! Ruth and I are even planning to cycle to Camberwell market this coming Sunday, which is 10km away from the city woohooo I'm so excited!

And am planning to get from JunHao his guitar hell yes I'm serious about learning guitar!

I was really jealous after Tatt video-called me the other day singing Ronan Keating's "when you say nothing at all" while playing the guitar!!!!

Lim Li Tatt your annoying sister wanna duet with you please please please!? :)

Okay I'm getting so annoying without anything to do somebody slap me!

Am that kind of person who must be kept occupied with different distractions from assignments to parties or I will be such an annoyance you'll wanna stay far away from me :

Oh well, a bunch of Dunedin picture and Dunedin is pronounced as "də-ˈnē-dən" :)

At the pressumely steepest street in the world in Guiness World Record.

At the monotonous castle maybe it was because of the cold rainy morning!

Nobody on the street seriously tooooooooooooo kampunnngggggggggg.

Great home-cooked dinner served by the family-runned restaurant in the hotel though.

And the dessert o to the m g PAVLOVA is the best dessert ever!!!!
crusty bites which melts in your mouth *yummmmmms*

And a little piano after dinner.
"River flows in you" in my choice of song to play whenever wherever hehe.

And the breakfast intake which decreases by the day.
Too much Western breakfast for the trip! *shivers*

ok brb (like that also can as though it's msn chat O_O)

Okay BACK again!

Russ came over and tell me tomorrow onwards I'll have job for me so that I won't feel so bored lol.

Back to Dunedin!

Time for non-western-food you do not know how yummy they are wakalukong after days of craving!

A little Eastern Food to saviour our crave!

Race fever!

Love how the pink flowers embed with the background so pwetyyyyyyy.


  1. That photo of both of you staring so close at each other really made me laugh...what's with the expressions?

    And that's really a heck of a dessert! Pavlova? what language is that?

    Enjoy your seemingly workless!

  2. duno, lol i think its coz we were too bored and stoned =-+"

    pavlova!!!!!duno what language but whatever as long as its yummy!!

    thanks btw~