Sunday, December 6, 2009

As You've Known.

Aus gov doesn't want us foreigners to snatch the locals' job opportunities, despite me already accepted the 2010 student internship position, the contract was yet taken back due to the firm not knowing about me being under a student visa and needs another visa to continue staying in Aus next year when they offered me the position.

yada yada long and winding crap I was of course shocked and sad when they told me that, no Occupant Trainee Visa for me next year therefore I'll have to leave T_T

I was mentally ready for next year, buying a bike, looking for a place to stay, stocking up more food at home but I guess everything happens for a reason, every cloud has a silver lining? :) Moreover I've already got my pay WOOHOOO after working for 6 days guess guess guess HOW MUCH?!?!?!?


Cannot tell, okok tell la its 1213!!!!!!!!
Seriously can buy CHANEL already after 2 weeks HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

But oh well no more for next year, hopefully MORE?!

Nothing is impossible :)

Snap shots taken on Friday:

Happily cycling back from Collingwood after leaving the office when the clock stroke 5.30pm!

There ain't no such thing as OVER-TIME here how great is that?!

Christmas ambience me likey :)

My little office space that I'll definitely miss T_T

The library where I spent 2 days arranging the magazines according to date.

And the coffee machine that makes wonders no need to go out for coffee already.

But the main thg is the milk blender(?). duno whats that called, which heats up the milk and makes it foamy at the same time

Cadbury Choc + foamy milk
yum yum yummmmmm

Sighness, I'll have to leave before I even get to know everybody, how sad is that!? T___T
St.Kilda bicylcle road trip yesterday with Ruthie was a great one, magnificent scenary along the way and am officially tanned now :\

Finished watching 高美男korean series in 2 days, 2 DAYS!!!!
Love the part when he hugged the piggy-rabbit at episode 14!
Super cute I keep replaying again and again just to see him smile like that.


Super cute, but I still love the F4korean series better :P
Haven't finished watching yet wtf need to go get from Ruth later =-="

More of St.Kilda bicycle road trip soon.


I got bored. lol.
Apparently it's still bright at 8pm over here!

hello summer :)


  1. wah..the salary really high ho...
    is 4 1month or 2 weeks nia?

  2. for 2 weeks~!!
    the thing is i only worked for 6 days, but i think it's for 2 weeks la, if it's for 6 days then super crazy lo :|

  3. That's really...dunno what to say...=P how come can be that much?? what do you actually have to do in office? haha...

    Too bad u can't stay back much longer...anyway...i think u will definitely get to go back sometime later?