Friday, January 29, 2010

♥ ~A little something from the beloved home sweet home~ ♥

With the brothers whom I cannot bully no more for they are so much more stronger than me already!! T____T

Singing Mona Lisa woohooo.

Next songs coming up would be "Two is better than One"
and "21 guns"

More practice needed piano me love.

*click to play and continue scrolling for more pix hehe*

Lower lashes which I cannot wait to try on.
Especially with my "kawaii-not-so" hair right now.

Still not used to my back to short and curly hair yet :|

Video with ~Mee and Dee~ and the brothers :)

Our annual G.".A.M.O.R.O.U.S dinner we must make an effort to make it happen every year no matter what :)

Xuan's cozy little birthday party at Tambun super yummy seafood please it has been a while :)
We had a great laugh together hopefully the crappy streamyx will pick up so I can upload the video why Malaysian connection is like snail somebody please explain!

Lucky FashionTECTURE number one :)

Ooo chien.

Hokkien da.


Loving every moment at home.
Excluding the slow until like prawn Maybank service omg super slow please I wanna faint!

I had to chill mee down to prevent her from quarreling with the staffs hehehehe but seriously, the speed of them managing banking and stuff is too slow to bear!

Going out for olahraga gathering at the famous BM duck egg CKT.
Tell me how to reduce weight like that T_T

Yum yummy hawker everywhere and loved ones surrounding super happy please :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

FashionTECTURE updates

As you would have known, I've been busy updating FashionTECTURE omg so very the busy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Helluuuuuuuu~~~ :)

It's been a while please!

Miss me much? :)

Life has been really hectic, touching down on Monday before a good night's sleep and running errands on Tuesday before heading down to KL on wednesday till friday! and then the emergence of war zone between the 2 bed rooms at the end of the house wakalukong, the horror of cleaning and clearing 20 years worth of stuff! :|

Good thing I've been trained after shifting from KL and from Melbourne,only keeping essentials with sentimental value and justhrow away all the others unwaveringly!

Talking about practice makes perfect.

Finally had my all time favourite authentic hawker center for Penang delicacies.
I'll call them delicacies as long as they are delectable and scrumptious yummmmmmm :)

More updates soon and these are the few precious pictures taken when I was such an adorable toddler:

The 3 girls.

Too cute please why am I so cute!!!!!

More updates soon and FashionTECTURE Spring collection will be up hopefully by Tuesday.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I LOATHE airports!!!!! period.

Long post of ranting ahead that you wouldn't wanna read:

THe official worst airport experience ever in my life, 17.01.10!

Woke up early in the morning feeling more ready than ever to leave the apartment and city for good, soaking in every bit of the city when I reached Southern Cross Station and from there to the airport, unload my 30kg luggage + 3 hang carries and headed to the counter for check in. Obviously I was praying quite hard that I get somebody nice to put me through and just freakin give me a boarding pass. First lady was the angmoh which initially always with their good-morning-how-are-you-doing-smile ended up not issuing me a boarding pass because of too many hand carries are you kidding me, saying the laptop bag is not a laptop bag. I had to repack and then who knows what I've thrown away I wouldn't wanna even think of it coz it will hurt too bad.

Went back to the counter this time no more smiley-good-morning-how-are-you-doing-face but a sulky one preparing to disapprove again. Again she did not let me through and I seriously have no idea what I took out again this time god knows how long I spent in sorting out everything again and this time I went to a nicer old angmoh guy for check-in. Thank goodness his looks portrays his heart and let me through and just when he was about to type type type and issue me a boarding pass, "ma'am, I need your credit card for verification".........

You have no idea how stoned I was when being questioned that.
wtf credit card for freakin what reason??!!

I frantically checked my purse and from what I could remember I have left most of my cards back in the unit/thrown away. Indeed it wasn't in my purse omg started panting at that point.

"ma'am, we need your credit card to verify in order for us to issue the boarding pass"
"fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck what the fuck am I supposed to do"I was swearing all the way sorry har.

I explained that I'm leaving Melbourne for good and has closed the account of nab and might have returned the card to them. Failed to contact nab, failed to get credit card number, called back home sobbing don't know what to do..

"Ma'am, I need you to come this side with me." They explained the situation saying they NEED the last 4 digits of the credit card number no matter what. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! The time shown was already 10.50am at that point and my flight was at 11.20am. I frantically search high and low knowing that there isn't any chance that the credit card will be anywhere among my 082351935 items in my junk luggage and when the clock struck 11am, the lady told me that

"I will have to cancel your seat and rebook you another flight when you've found debit card"

Every word she said was like a bullet shooting through my chest I'm telling you I've never felt this helpless in my life!!!

Seriously at that point I just feel like giving up lor, like seriously GIVE UP.

And then more phone calls, knowing that there's no way I can get onto the 1120 flight, I packed up everything and headed down to the departure terminal thinking maybe there's hope that the card might still be in the unit. THE HORROR OF TRAVELLING ALONE. painstakingly shifted 50 kgs around with me, back up into skybus back to Southern Cross station. I started hating Melbourne coz you know at times like this everything around you just turns ugly and distasteful! Long way back to Southern Cross station and lucky thing Euric was available to help me look out for my luggages while I headed back to Swanston St and search high and low for the card and JENG JENG JENG. I FOUND IT and you have no idea how happy I was.

I quickly called SIA to book me for the next flight and headed back to Southern Cross Station and then back to the airport again. At this point I was feeling rather conked out already, not having a chance to actually grab a bite and whole morning running up and down. Slept a little and then boomz back to the airport eeeeeiww, Headed straight to the counter and it was 1.30pm at that time without a line since the flight is at 5pm. Went and weigh and had to take things out again and I've got no idea what also this time. Weighed the baggage yada yada yada ok through and I gave her the debit card for verification.

Trust me, I was rather confident that it will go through because when I asked about the first 4 credit card number being the same when I called SIA to make the reservation for that flight.




OMG at that point I was seriously going KUREZI!!!!!!
too much to handle I could die.


Went to a corner and searched high and low again knowing that there isn't any chance that it'll be inside any of the junk and I was actually prepared to go back to Arrows at Swanston for a few more days until I get my credit card number from nab or mee buying from SIA Penang but I really didnt want to go back to Melbourne but HOME.


However this time John, the friendly old angmoh was there to help and he advised me to chill and think properly where I might have placed the card and I think it's friendliness that spark the idea of paying the ticket by CASH WHY WHY WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT DURING THE FIRST FLIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

sooo stooooopid finally I filled up the form stating my add so that they'll send a refund check of the previous payment to the house.

After all 9862397561 trouble, the issue was resolved, just like that.

I'm actually gasping after typing all of the above.

So yea, everything's through, never sleep at all throughout the flight, might be the panic attack earlier that caused it and watched 4 movies throughout the flight.

First was MJ's This is it, and then shit what did I watch errr nevermind, OH! one of it was the one raining food anime cartoon quite nice very funny! And the final movie was WANTED, remember the one with Angelina Jolie and the curved bullet? I'm telling you another panic attack when watching that movie because of the violence and the chiii kek ness towards the end part when the turbulence happened! All passengers are required to fasten their seat belt and I was praying really hard maybe I was destined to sit in this air craft and die omg damn choy lor!!!! But I don't know I can be ridiculously religious! *touch wood* so anyway, all the violence and nail biting turbulence drama, we touched down in Singapore with SongKeat welcoming me! :) *thank you ahhhhh*

Had McD and I thought I were to stay over in the airport until calling non-stop and wooosh! I'm here on a cozy comfy bed feeling very much like home.

It's really great to feel SAFE, and having a FAMILY and HOME to retreat with is the best thing ever on earth. Will be having a short trip around Singapore before leaving 2mr afternoon, till then do take care everybody!! Don't have too much drama like mine! :) xoxo

P/S: O to the M G it's almost 5am now and I've been awake for almost 24 hours now omg architorture studio meh?!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bye Bye Melbourne

I'm gonna miss you soooo much,
your friendly people,
your tram bells,
your peaceful fashionistas streets,
your beats of the clubs,
your Melbourne Central,
your Camberwell Market,
your DFO Southern Cross Station,
your DFO Docklands,
your DFO South Wharf,
your Safeway,
your Lygon Street,
your Freddo's ice cream,
your Max Brennars,
your Ying Thai,
omg don't get me started on the food section.
many many more too emo to type but last but not least,
your beautiful chilly weather without mosquitoes.

As much as how I would love continue staying here with you,
there's another quest in my life waiting to be achieved.
However don't miss me too much Melbourne,
I'll be back again one day :)

Bye bye and hello my beloved
♥Home Sweet Home PENANG♥

Friday, January 15, 2010

LiYinism FashionTECTURE Template - Attempt 1.

Going off to Shann's house warming party before a final gathering with those-who-are-still-in-Melbourne. Can't believe that 2mr will be my final full day in Melbourne before I take off on Sunday morning. Mixed feelings I'm having right now, both wanting and not wanting to leave because I know that it'll be long before I step into this land again.

Sunday marks the new chapter of my life.
Anticipation and dreams that are waiting to be achieved, here I come ♥

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stop BOOMZing on your face and MAKE IT WORK!

I need to stop BOOMZing lor seriously and the videos from the camping trip really should be buried down down too embarrassing to even see my crazy self in the screen!

I'm too pekcek right now too many things yearning to get out of me it's the energy wakalukong, all the aspiration or inspiration or whateveration that is waiting to BOOMZ into everyone's face! And then I was researching, oh well, not really researching but reviewing big brands having simple yet really BOOMZ-effect logo, CHANEL with the 2 mirrored C and Comme des Garçons having the funny looking heart shapes with eyes or even Evisu with the one m stroke, all BOOMZing our face like that you tell me, how did they actually achieve that it's too crazyy!

I think I should chill, take a deep breath and start looking deeply into what I want to achieve for my LiYinism/ FashionTECTURE, stop boomz boomz boomz around and it became irritating until a point when dear ~mee~ was as usual, listening to my crap non-stop boomzing everywhere and that's when ~mee~ finally gave in and exclaimed, "koh ah bui wu lang ai beh kok lu ai boomz boomz boomz hamik"

(there's still nobody wanting to buy your stuff yet what do you wanna boomz boomz boomz about)


Everything's still rather vague now I don't care I must MAKE IT WORK (Tim Gunn-Project Runway) and have you seen my HERMES inspired VOGUE bag :D

Yes it's the beige top one with the HERMES inspired overlap!

Had my final visit to Max Brennars with Xindi to try the cinammon Babka after Avatar yesterday,
which looks and smells better than it tastes.

My advice: Take the my-all-favourite-classic-Tutti Frutti Waffle instead
if you are treating your sweet tooth alone.

Too filling to finish the Babka alone! But the melted choc is still very much a yumzzzz~♥

Had the highly-recommended-by-Andrew-Kebab finally at North Melbourne, where the fun and bubbly owner totally caught us off guard tricking us with tea cups and toy kebabs!

Generous filling of Lamb slices wrapped with crispy pita bread,
should give it a try by just taking tram no.57 from Victoria Market.

Will be back in 3 days, very sad yet happy oh I don't know.

BUt one thing for sure is I'll definitely miss Melbourne T_T yes you. And the mixed disappointment and confusing feeling I'm having now ain't funny at all. As much as how much I like the feeling, I don't want it to continue burning for accepting the fact will be too hurtful.

Maybe I should just keep that to myself.

wtf am I talking about okay imma should hit bed now!


Monday, January 11, 2010

In Case you're Wondering if I got Stuck in the Cave!

Yes I did actually got stuck in the cave!
super embarrassing lor how can I still not accept the fact that I have big bumps! T_T
When I was finally saved, Dave the caveman-tour-guide actually exclaimed,
"By far you are the largest that managed to go through."


But also happy at the same time!
I don't know where came all the determination but believe it or not, the first thing that came into my mind when trying to squeeze through the 30cm hole was my FashionTECTURE!

It's as though I'm doing that, risking my life to get through that 3m deep 30cm hole all because of FashionTECTURE! Call me crazy but yes, everybody's saying no you cannot you are too huge but never try never know. Indeed I failed during the 1st attempt because I couldn't manage to raise one of my hand out in the middle and all of the others tried to go through but failed! Then I was thinking what if I raised one of my hand since the beginning of the hole it might work!

Then I was thinking I don't freakin care I MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT!

Stumbled and fumbled up to the hole again with my right hand raised and wiggle wiggle wiggle my way through with the help of my left arm pushing me through, which explains the cuts and bruises. wiggle wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle wiggle, serious business man keep wiggling only! wiggle wiggle wiggle. see how desperate I was! wiggle wiggle wiggle.!

And then I heard Lih Jiunn and Jun Hao's voices at the other end of the tunel getting louder super happy please! T_T yes I did actually had a panic attack and sobbed, JUST A LITTLE! I was super afraid please! Scared that I'll get stuck and become fossil (quoted from Lih Jiunn)
Imagine after 10 years Dave come back to this spot telling the other explorers, "10 years ago, there was this lady who thinks she's so thin she can manage to go through this hole but in fact she's just too arrogant to accept the fact that she's just too fat!"(quoted from Jia)

Blaahaaa and then when Dave finally arrived he thought that I was to give up and come down through the entrance of the hole, but I insisted that I need him to pull from the other end! after more 5387135 times wiggles with every ounce of energy left and contracting every muscles in my body, I was finally out from the hole hallelujah ma ma mia!

I was super happy lor please wuwuwu and yea I was the first largest creature to have managed to go through the hole and I don't care, my FashionTECTURE is definitely gonna work! :D

I don't know why I'm like that, relating 2 subjects in life which are totally irrelevant to each at all but I guess that's how I motivate myself always, never try never know and when you just have to keep things perfect to make them perfect always! No I'm not a perfectionist don't worry look at my living space around me and you'll know.

Looks like we are at outer space in the galaxy! :)

Oh and I threw away the shoes that I bought from my 2005 Taiwan trip for only RM1 after caving. Perfect timing since I am to throw it away anyway before I leave.

Yes only RM1 my 10 yuan shoes I think the whole world knows about it already but I'm still gonna miss it T_T

Will be leaving in 6, nope 5 days since I'll be leaving on Sunday early morning.
I'm not ready how what should I do so sad so sad it's a sad sad situation!

Off for single-hood watching Avatar alone tomorrow.
And the shocking news of Jessmine Leong and Wei Shyan it's omg-ness oh-so-sudden and sweet!

Can't wait till I meet them!

Gosh just imagine them holding hands *clap clap clap* :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pandora Escapade this weekend!..

sounds cool eventhough I havent watched Avatar yet =-=

It's sad whenever there's a word final, it's like knowing there's not any time soon to have the same thing again and a last chance to actually make things right. And yeah it was correct after all, last Sunday was my FINAL trip to my dearest Camberwell Morning Market! Well at least for the year coz I don't think I'll be stepping into this land again for the year 2010.

Surfing/ Boarding trip yesterday was a blast besides the fact that I'm 2 tones darker now.

Going with the flow~ literally.

boarding swooshing off the wave is too fun beyond words,
hopefully I've got the chance to try out surfing in the near future ☀

Will have our Pnadora Escapade this weekend caving and crabbing.

Very survivor-ish but well, these activities are what we should do while we are young eih?

and the age being double 2 is really scaring me :|

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a small world!

I don't know why I'm blogging so often its not like I have much to blog about, waking up, switching on the laptop, click click eat, click click eat, toilet, click click eat, click click eat, and well, the cycle just goes on and on and it must be the too much clicking that led me to page.

And it's really a small small world and everybody just knows everybody in this small city called Melbourne down under!

Penang lang sprawling around the globe me no kidding.

had Korean BBQ at a secluded area in between Lygon St. and Queensberry St. (?) after Max Brennars with the other Penang Lang who are still in Melbourne so yes we speaked Hokkien non-stop talking about feeling like home and we went to Swanston St. to have a drink and then Eng's (sorry I cannot remember the name omg me very bad with names T_T) phone rang and they said it's his girlfriend Vivian.

The name really sounded familiar despite the fact that there are 94821 Vivians around and then yes she's from Jit Sin also! Then I realized him being 2 years younger is well, my brother Li Tatt's age and then when Eng finished talking on the phone I requested for the picture of his gf manatau BOOMZ ON MY FACE. It's THE Vivian then I exclaimed that's my brother's friend la!

And then..


What a small world.

Kelvin and Eng something sorry I cannot remember his name T_T

It's Eng Siang.
(Tatt told me that suddenly after a once in a blue moon read on my blog :P)

Still working things out and I just can't seem to get the dimensions right so freakin irritating wakalukong.

A lot of discussions need to be made when I get home.
12 days time and this song is gonna be my


It must be the base doing the trick and it reminds me of SUPRE :P


Quote of the day by LiYinism:
"Doesn't mean I'm nobody, I Cannot be Somebody."

I scared myself with that sentence when I was talking with Jia a sec ago I have no idea why I'm this geng maybe I can be a part-time philosopher :)


(Grabbed from Tatt's album)

Monday, January 4, 2010

♥ The only Limit in this world is our Imagination ♥

I'm feeling really motivated right now its like all the energy inside me is gonna explode anytime soon and yes! Talking about imagination which lead me to having this brilliant idea by involving all my fabulous friends (and not so close friends) with my first FashionTECTURE project launch.

Am sure everybody's thinking that it'll be really odd to have people from different networks attending a small scale event, having no where to hide or excuses to leave but I'm trying my best to figure things out in making this event as cozy as possible.

And hey, there's no harm getting to know new friends right?
Moreover people with the same interests! :)

However despite all the brilliant ideas, I'm still lacking the main core of the whole project, GARMENTS blaha too funny somebody please slap me.

Apparently still many things to be sorted out and I'm now working as a PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER PROJECT MANAGER MODEL PHOTOGRAPHER ALL AT ONE TIME.


*Click* to join and

thank you for your support

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Possible Final Visit to Beloved Camberwell Market.

It's the 2nd day of the great new year, but everything feels rather same and mundane.
Nothing spectacular happened yesterday to kick start the year, woke up 1pm instead of the usual 9.30am automatic toilet morning call (to pangsai) and just lazing in front of the pc watching sex and the city omg can I please go to New York! And then bla bla walking around feeling fat oh wait did I even step out of the apartment? Just finished talking to dear Xinyun on the phone while she was on the way to work (yes finally) and then she was saying how I am looking for excuses to travel!

Please if my work is about travelling around the world can I please sign up for it?
This reminds me of Jia and I's airstewardess dream, travelling around the world before we get married, not to mention tieing ourselves down to the air for months to South East Asia before getting the opportunity to travel to hi5 places eg. Europe and New York.

Going off to Victoria Market for some fruits, and believe it or not, this will be my final Saturday visit to the market

Typed on Saturday morning.



I changed my mind about 2010 having a boring start.


2010 is the new, and the new and becoming is coming your way!

Hah have no idea where that came from but watching sex and the city definitely spice things up a little.
Learnt a lot by watching the short 30 minutes episodes and I must say (apart from all the sex),

can I please live in New York City?! :D

And yes I had my possible last visit to Camberwell market this morning, Ginny daB had shopped a great deal with literally great deals having one of them as a $15 leather jacket!

I'm telling you if it weren't because of the weight restriction of the air ticket I would be carrying another 10 kgs back to my apartment this morning.

And talking about 2010 having a great start, I had the healthiest snack ever invented.

Tuna mayo + onions + CELERY!

I still remember celery being one of the vege that I loathe but after that day, yea I think it was the day after one of the long secondary school days (staying back for olahraga/ band practice/ tuition) and I was completely conked out and craving for food, me prepared this celery dish and yums! It's like a BOOMZ on my face how yummy celery is and since then I was in love with celery. Talking about love at the first bite!

Same applies to my love towards cockles, the fishy stench which I couldn't bear but after that day of eating Curry Mee with my empty stomach and then BOOMZ on my face how yummy cockles actually are and I started eating since then.

Too many stories of how I started loving aliments that I hated and now I basically eat anything under the sun that is edible RAWR! The horror please fats stop going to my ass T_T

Go to my boobies instead *slap*

Oh did I mention I bought my favourite mushroom for only $2 per kg yesterday?! :D
Super happy please I don't care if it's too ripe because I've already eaten 500 grams yesterday with pasta.
The yummy constant mushroom chunks with every bite oh I'm definitely gonna miss Saturday Vic Market Days T_T

Alright notice the lack of All-Hail-Vanity photos recently coz I reckon I should type more than just posting photos only from now onwards to force myself to just hit the keyboard and voice out my mind besides knowing the fact that you are bored with my pictures already.

Oh well the 4,500+ pictures in Facebook will serve it's purpose if you miss me!

I know it ain't all good yet but I hope I'm getting there ;)

Love your life and hello new year!

P/s: I'll have to look myself into the mirror everytime to remind me on my diet.

And watching HOUSE while eating ain't a good idea. At all.