Sunday, January 17, 2010

I LOATHE airports!!!!! period.

Long post of ranting ahead that you wouldn't wanna read:

THe official worst airport experience ever in my life, 17.01.10!

Woke up early in the morning feeling more ready than ever to leave the apartment and city for good, soaking in every bit of the city when I reached Southern Cross Station and from there to the airport, unload my 30kg luggage + 3 hang carries and headed to the counter for check in. Obviously I was praying quite hard that I get somebody nice to put me through and just freakin give me a boarding pass. First lady was the angmoh which initially always with their good-morning-how-are-you-doing-smile ended up not issuing me a boarding pass because of too many hand carries are you kidding me, saying the laptop bag is not a laptop bag. I had to repack and then who knows what I've thrown away I wouldn't wanna even think of it coz it will hurt too bad.

Went back to the counter this time no more smiley-good-morning-how-are-you-doing-face but a sulky one preparing to disapprove again. Again she did not let me through and I seriously have no idea what I took out again this time god knows how long I spent in sorting out everything again and this time I went to a nicer old angmoh guy for check-in. Thank goodness his looks portrays his heart and let me through and just when he was about to type type type and issue me a boarding pass, "ma'am, I need your credit card for verification".........

You have no idea how stoned I was when being questioned that.
wtf credit card for freakin what reason??!!

I frantically checked my purse and from what I could remember I have left most of my cards back in the unit/thrown away. Indeed it wasn't in my purse omg started panting at that point.

"ma'am, we need your credit card to verify in order for us to issue the boarding pass"
"fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck what the fuck am I supposed to do"I was swearing all the way sorry har.

I explained that I'm leaving Melbourne for good and has closed the account of nab and might have returned the card to them. Failed to contact nab, failed to get credit card number, called back home sobbing don't know what to do..

"Ma'am, I need you to come this side with me." They explained the situation saying they NEED the last 4 digits of the credit card number no matter what. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! The time shown was already 10.50am at that point and my flight was at 11.20am. I frantically search high and low knowing that there isn't any chance that the credit card will be anywhere among my 082351935 items in my junk luggage and when the clock struck 11am, the lady told me that

"I will have to cancel your seat and rebook you another flight when you've found debit card"

Every word she said was like a bullet shooting through my chest I'm telling you I've never felt this helpless in my life!!!

Seriously at that point I just feel like giving up lor, like seriously GIVE UP.

And then more phone calls, knowing that there's no way I can get onto the 1120 flight, I packed up everything and headed down to the departure terminal thinking maybe there's hope that the card might still be in the unit. THE HORROR OF TRAVELLING ALONE. painstakingly shifted 50 kgs around with me, back up into skybus back to Southern Cross station. I started hating Melbourne coz you know at times like this everything around you just turns ugly and distasteful! Long way back to Southern Cross station and lucky thing Euric was available to help me look out for my luggages while I headed back to Swanston St and search high and low for the card and JENG JENG JENG. I FOUND IT and you have no idea how happy I was.

I quickly called SIA to book me for the next flight and headed back to Southern Cross Station and then back to the airport again. At this point I was feeling rather conked out already, not having a chance to actually grab a bite and whole morning running up and down. Slept a little and then boomz back to the airport eeeeeiww, Headed straight to the counter and it was 1.30pm at that time without a line since the flight is at 5pm. Went and weigh and had to take things out again and I've got no idea what also this time. Weighed the baggage yada yada yada ok through and I gave her the debit card for verification.

Trust me, I was rather confident that it will go through because when I asked about the first 4 credit card number being the same when I called SIA to make the reservation for that flight.




OMG at that point I was seriously going KUREZI!!!!!!
too much to handle I could die.


Went to a corner and searched high and low again knowing that there isn't any chance that it'll be inside any of the junk and I was actually prepared to go back to Arrows at Swanston for a few more days until I get my credit card number from nab or mee buying from SIA Penang but I really didnt want to go back to Melbourne but HOME.


However this time John, the friendly old angmoh was there to help and he advised me to chill and think properly where I might have placed the card and I think it's friendliness that spark the idea of paying the ticket by CASH WHY WHY WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT DURING THE FIRST FLIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

sooo stooooopid finally I filled up the form stating my add so that they'll send a refund check of the previous payment to the house.

After all 9862397561 trouble, the issue was resolved, just like that.

I'm actually gasping after typing all of the above.

So yea, everything's through, never sleep at all throughout the flight, might be the panic attack earlier that caused it and watched 4 movies throughout the flight.

First was MJ's This is it, and then shit what did I watch errr nevermind, OH! one of it was the one raining food anime cartoon quite nice very funny! And the final movie was WANTED, remember the one with Angelina Jolie and the curved bullet? I'm telling you another panic attack when watching that movie because of the violence and the chiii kek ness towards the end part when the turbulence happened! All passengers are required to fasten their seat belt and I was praying really hard maybe I was destined to sit in this air craft and die omg damn choy lor!!!! But I don't know I can be ridiculously religious! *touch wood* so anyway, all the violence and nail biting turbulence drama, we touched down in Singapore with SongKeat welcoming me! :) *thank you ahhhhh*

Had McD and I thought I were to stay over in the airport until calling non-stop and wooosh! I'm here on a cozy comfy bed feeling very much like home.

It's really great to feel SAFE, and having a FAMILY and HOME to retreat with is the best thing ever on earth. Will be having a short trip around Singapore before leaving 2mr afternoon, till then do take care everybody!! Don't have too much drama like mine! :) xoxo

P/S: O to the M G it's almost 5am now and I've been awake for almost 24 hours now omg architorture studio meh?!


  1. OMG! really O to the MG!

    Anyway, great to hear u are back home safe and sound...=) Take care ya...although it was a really bad experience, but, at least few years later, maybe you will be glad that you have this story to share...

  2. omg liyin!!! i was gettting more and more ganjiong as i read through ur post. I HATE AIRPORT DRAMAS!!!!! i never knew they'd ask for credit card verification! and thank God they haven't!

    i had a SUPER bad experience this time when coming back from's my fault oso lah, i was too blur...i got the time mixed up. Yupe. AM AND PM MIXED UP! *cries* i got there at 1.30pm, lady looks at me and says, ma'am, ur flight was at 1.30am. oh my freaking goodness, i just wanted to be teleported back home RIGHT.AWAY.!!! and the worst was when mum and dad found scolded kaokao. 'u settle this urself' they said. thank God i worked and had savings. LOL.

    im super paranoid abt going to airports now. haha. glad u're back home! soak up the sun n enjoy to the max, internship yr is super fun ok!