Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pandora Escapade this weekend!..

sounds cool eventhough I havent watched Avatar yet =-=

It's sad whenever there's a word final, it's like knowing there's not any time soon to have the same thing again and a last chance to actually make things right. And yeah it was correct after all, last Sunday was my FINAL trip to my dearest Camberwell Morning Market! Well at least for the year coz I don't think I'll be stepping into this land again for the year 2010.

Surfing/ Boarding trip yesterday was a blast besides the fact that I'm 2 tones darker now.

Going with the flow~ literally.

boarding swooshing off the wave is too fun beyond words,
hopefully I've got the chance to try out surfing in the near future ☀

Will have our Pnadora Escapade this weekend caving and crabbing.

Very survivor-ish but well, these activities are what we should do while we are young eih?

and the age being double 2 is really scaring me :|

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  1. crabbing and caving sounds nice. So where is the place located at?