Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Possible Final Visit to Beloved Camberwell Market.

It's the 2nd day of the great new year, but everything feels rather same and mundane.
Nothing spectacular happened yesterday to kick start the year, woke up 1pm instead of the usual 9.30am automatic toilet morning call (to pangsai) and just lazing in front of the pc watching sex and the city omg can I please go to New York! And then bla bla walking around feeling fat oh wait did I even step out of the apartment? Just finished talking to dear Xinyun on the phone while she was on the way to work (yes finally) and then she was saying how I am looking for excuses to travel!

Please if my work is about travelling around the world can I please sign up for it?
This reminds me of Jia and I's airstewardess dream, travelling around the world before we get married, not to mention tieing ourselves down to the air for months to South East Asia before getting the opportunity to travel to hi5 places eg. Europe and New York.

Going off to Victoria Market for some fruits, and believe it or not, this will be my final Saturday visit to the market

Typed on Saturday morning.



I changed my mind about 2010 having a boring start.


2010 is the new, and the new and becoming is coming your way!

Hah have no idea where that came from but watching sex and the city definitely spice things up a little.
Learnt a lot by watching the short 30 minutes episodes and I must say (apart from all the sex),

can I please live in New York City?! :D

And yes I had my possible last visit to Camberwell market this morning, Ginny daB had shopped a great deal with literally great deals having one of them as a $15 leather jacket!

I'm telling you if it weren't because of the weight restriction of the air ticket I would be carrying another 10 kgs back to my apartment this morning.

And talking about 2010 having a great start, I had the healthiest snack ever invented.

Tuna mayo + onions + CELERY!

I still remember celery being one of the vege that I loathe but after that day, yea I think it was the day after one of the long secondary school days (staying back for olahraga/ band practice/ tuition) and I was completely conked out and craving for food, me prepared this celery dish and yums! It's like a BOOMZ on my face how yummy celery is and since then I was in love with celery. Talking about love at the first bite!

Same applies to my love towards cockles, the fishy stench which I couldn't bear but after that day of eating Curry Mee with my empty stomach and then BOOMZ on my face how yummy cockles actually are and I started eating since then.

Too many stories of how I started loving aliments that I hated and now I basically eat anything under the sun that is edible RAWR! The horror please fats stop going to my ass T_T

Go to my boobies instead *slap*

Oh did I mention I bought my favourite mushroom for only $2 per kg yesterday?! :D
Super happy please I don't care if it's too ripe because I've already eaten 500 grams yesterday with pasta.
The yummy constant mushroom chunks with every bite oh I'm definitely gonna miss Saturday Vic Market Days T_T

Alright notice the lack of All-Hail-Vanity photos recently coz I reckon I should type more than just posting photos only from now onwards to force myself to just hit the keyboard and voice out my mind besides knowing the fact that you are bored with my pictures already.

Oh well the 4,500+ pictures in Facebook will serve it's purpose if you miss me!

I know it ain't all good yet but I hope I'm getting there ;)

Love your life and hello new year!

P/s: I'll have to look myself into the mirror everytime to remind me on my diet.

And watching HOUSE while eating ain't a good idea. At all.

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