Friday, January 29, 2010

♥ ~A little something from the beloved home sweet home~ ♥

With the brothers whom I cannot bully no more for they are so much more stronger than me already!! T____T

Singing Mona Lisa woohooo.

Next songs coming up would be "Two is better than One"
and "21 guns"

More practice needed piano me love.

*click to play and continue scrolling for more pix hehe*

Lower lashes which I cannot wait to try on.
Especially with my "kawaii-not-so" hair right now.

Still not used to my back to short and curly hair yet :|

Video with ~Mee and Dee~ and the brothers :)

Our annual G.".A.M.O.R.O.U.S dinner we must make an effort to make it happen every year no matter what :)

Xuan's cozy little birthday party at Tambun super yummy seafood please it has been a while :)
We had a great laugh together hopefully the crappy streamyx will pick up so I can upload the video why Malaysian connection is like snail somebody please explain!

Lucky FashionTECTURE number one :)

Ooo chien.

Hokkien da.


Loving every moment at home.
Excluding the slow until like prawn Maybank service omg super slow please I wanna faint!

I had to chill mee down to prevent her from quarreling with the staffs hehehehe but seriously, the speed of them managing banking and stuff is too slow to bear!

Going out for olahraga gathering at the famous BM duck egg CKT.
Tell me how to reduce weight like that T_T

Yum yummy hawker everywhere and loved ones surrounding super happy please :)


  1. Haha...nice post...home sweet home...

    Can't reduce weight d la...haha...i thought ur mom kena chill you down...manatau terbalik...

  2. hahahahahah, terbalik la, coz before i come back i already know i'll be really pissed with how they do stuff back here so yea, I was prepared heheheheh!