Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am in Paris!

through google map street view=-="

Such a great invention!

Okay busy busy busy!

Might end up taking design comm, plus attending Japanese 1B and City of Diversity lecture everyweek. Less stress, score high (I hope)

Okay, design design design!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hyperventilation is no joke.

Uni has started after a long 4-week-winter break.
It's only day-2 of Semester 2 and LiYinism has began to suspire o to the m.g.

First class of Architectural Design 3B was hectic as expected, being under Ann Marie which is all geared up and ready for us to compete in the Moulin Rouge competition held in Paris.

If only there's any field trip for that one!

*imagine being under the Eiffel Tower oh so romantic and gliding through the labyrinth of narrow streets..............*


The reality is to design the new dance school for the moulin rouge and that's it,
no eiffel tower, no field trip!

And now breadth subjects are making me crazy again!
I would want to learn something new, but hesitant about the challenges that I might face.
I would want to take the easy way out taking design communication (all about drawing), but I wouldn't want to waste 3kAUD just to learn something that I've already learnt.


Everything must be settled by this Friday, Architectural design Moulin Rouge story board by this Thursday (utter siaoness) , well-read 70 pages of lecture for Structures tutorial this Thursday, as well, and making up my mind regarding the choices of breadth subjects, by this Friday.


Can I scream =-=?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


After a 10-hour-good-night-sleep.


A brilliant idea came out, out of the blue!

Even mee is concerned.


No need the hassle to change bloggie!
LiYinism is still ROCKIN!

SongKeat and I discussed, about changing my current "LiYinism" blog name to something else, while create a new blog with the same old "LiYinism" again and yada yada all the hassle plus the selections of breadth subjects that are making me go KUREZIE (crazy) yada yada yada and me settling my timetable, allocating time allowing me to continue working at my same old restaurant (free lunch leh who doesn't wanna work there) yada yada yada so many things bothering me I can't even think straight yada yada yada I ended up, WHAMP!


wahlaoness instead of worrying this and that, photobucket or picasa, asian architecture or compostitional analysis, landscape assessment and planning or visual communication, multicultural/ postcolonial cities or landscape heritage, TOO MANY THINGS TO AGITATE ME!

the only resort, SLEEP.

Wakalukong sleeping is the best activity ever invented, where human get to rest their body and mind, a platform without having to be concerned about what's happening around them, which of course: IS JUST TEMPORARY. =-="

Sleeping has been imbued in my biological(?) system since young, YES SINCE YOUNG AM TELLING YOU NO JOKE.
All thanks to Mee and Dee who have been the ones supporting us to have enough sleep no matter what.

Since primary/secondary school days, whenever there are school examination, sports day, Piano practical or theory exam, the most important thing to have enough is SLEEP, no matter if we've finished studying or practicing. That's why the result of where am standing today what am proud of myself cannot izit.

That's why you see right now, eventhough I'm an architecture student which presumely is the course whereby all students will not have enough sleep and ended up looking like a zombie, oh! Suddenly came out with a word, ZORCHITECTS! (Zombie architects) さすがsasuga 果然archiTORTURE T_T

Anyway, Throughout the 3.5 years of architectural studies, I've been famous for the one who gets the MOST SLEEP. Over-nighting or not sleeping for a few days?! CALL ME OUT!

But then again when it comes to times of desperation, I still have to NOT SLEEP FOR AT LEAST 2 DAYS. (Taylor's semester 4 3D Max nightmare)
So now you can roughly imagine how torturous architecture course is T_____T

Females need their beauty sleep, that's why i doubt I'll be continueing architecture after this....*pause pondering*...... Okay maybe after I've got to know what the architecture industry is all about, gain some working experience after degree then I'll decide ;)

Brilliant idea eih! :D

ifnotwakalukongbyebyearchiteturehellofashion/music/fashionTECTURE! WOOT!

Oh yea back to my topic!



  1. Create a new blog with a new email address.
  2. Open 2 windows (preferably one firefox and IE for another)
  3. Upload your pretty picture using your new email address blogger.
  4. Copy and paste the picture to your current blog.
  5. TADAH!!!
  6. Satisfied smile! :D

Wollah I also dunno why I'm so clever, but well it's all in the genes. *slap*

And my friends, I know you are wondering why my pictures can be huge-ass without having to use photobucket/ flickr.

Well thanks to SongKeat for teaching me!


  1. Instead of going to, type ""
  2. You'll get into a window almost similiar to except there's a draft word there (duh)
  3. Do the same thing, go to "New Post" and upload your pretty pix.
  4. However over here you get to upload as many pix as you like (unlike which only allows 5 pix once)
  5. After uploading all pictures, just click the picture you want first and click "Add image"
  6. You'll see your picture is STILL AS SMALL as when you upload using ""
  8. After inserting all the pix, go to the "edit HTML" tag on the top right.
  9. search for s320 and switch it to s400(for large) s640 (for extra large) or s800 (for humongous large)
  10. Click back to "compose".
  11. BE AMAZED.
  12. I know you'll see a lot of weird coding, my advice to you, click "ctrl , f "
  13. There'll be a "find" column, type "320" into it, and wollah, the 320 will be highlighted for you straight away.
  14. Change it from there all the "320" to the size you want and go back to "compose" tag
  15. BE AMAZED.

Herng and KhaiShing! Hopefully you find this informative :)

This is my first time explaining procedures through writing, I'm quite bad in explaining things hence the lack of "tutorialisms" (another lame word coming out out of the blue by LiYinism).
Hopefully it's informative!


P/s: Dee called me to so-called "advertise" (like very geng) sehancek's (my uncle) website through my LiYinism.
Haha this shall be my first advertorial post then! (by only linking the site) =-="


For all IT/gadget lovers, this may be the perfect site for you to quirky gadgets!

I personally love this featured "PINK ALIEN POKEN"(anything pink amazes me :)


Pink Alien Poken


Poken is a revolutionary new product that helps you keep track of important contact information. It’s the perfect companion for when you meet people in various face-to-face settings such as at a conference, in a bar or on a college campus. Your Poken is a small key-ring size USB device that lets you exchange contact details instantly – with the touch of a Poken hand.

O_O *amazed*

More amazing gadgets just a *CLICK* away! Enjoy~ :)

Friday, July 24, 2009


update: I've just switched my post title from vain pot to the horror.

Final resort, create a new email address and new blogspot add T____T
I still want LiYinism as the blog name lehhhhhh.
Do I really have to change my blog for the omg-I-lost-count time???T____T

Being bored and hungry, I was browsing through the net, facebook, lookbook, blogs, and then out of the blue here comes one of the most informative youtube ever!


totemo kawaii desyo~

I've never been this involved over youtube tutorial but this video certainly revolutionized the whole idea! Knowing the fact that I've finally got a long tress now well, might as well grab the opportunity to enjoy the "fabric" on my head :)

was supposed to upload truck loads of pix here but blogger said that
what the eff eff eff eff...

Ahhhhh! I've reached 1GB (only after so many years of blogging)

The 1GB includes pictures that 've uploaded 2/3 years ago, including the one I posted in

wakalukong, total madness.

And am not allowed to upload anymore pix until I've upgraded which of course requires kachings moneh moneh moneh omg got so siao or not strings after strings of mishap *cries*



I am seriously doomed lor!

What am I supposed to do without me being able to blog with pix T______T

I might end up not blogging at all AHHHH i think i am going crazy









serious shit I am not joking what should I do now? T_T

Please dont suggest photobucket/ errr what is the other web provider called?

aiyah, whatever I just wish to use back blogger picasa to upload photos again,
should I delete all the old photos?

AHHHH very sim tia one leh seeing old memories erased!


omg what should I do I am panting for air right now leh very scared hands sweating and in a total lost mode currently I think I am going to break down any second now.

oh no please stop the emo shit lim li yin


Thursday, July 23, 2009!!

This is the freakin 2nd time.

ARe you kidding me nab!(don't ever choose national bank ever ever!)
Few days back there was this weird transaction and what, last night here comes ANOTHER ONE?!
This time $73 wahlao eh are you kidding me you think I very rich izit?!

I've been working my ass off earning a few extra bucks and now the bank just conveniently deduct my money from my acc! Sighness I feel really helpless T____T

Everything seems to be getting on my nerves lately,
totally flunked Japanese placement test today.

first task: WRITE.AN.ESSAY

The most memorable experience in the year 2008.



Why all the mishap come irritate me at this time of the holidays?
Can't I have a peaceful final days of winter break? T_T

In order to cheer me up, I browsed through pictures of seafood (food again) taken in the Sydney Fish Market which I really really miss. Nothing beats the succulent seafood which are oh-so-chewy-and chunks of the seafood just glide through your throat.


No captions.
The yummeliciousness is indescribable, each picture says it all.

Not done yet rrrrrROArrRRRR gimme gimme MORE!!!!!!



rrRrre-e-e-e-!-e-e-e-e-e-e-tarded face =-=

The bank has disabled over-drafting.
Hopefully that helps.

But then again,

Our life doesn't escape from the LAW OF ATTRACTION.


scary shit.

Better start thinking positively but seriously, sometimes I have to get out of my normal day-today-routine and go for something different. And that's when I'll find some littlest thing that's happening around inspiring and exalting.

Life is full with ups and downs and we just have to accept the mishap and learn from it, life goes on and I shall not let that bring me down/ ruin my day/ ruin my holiday!

agree? :)

uni's starting in a 3 days, it'll be a really hectic one but I hope I'll still enjoy it so peeps,
wish me luck for my final semester!!

Jia & I singing "Lucky" @ Beijing to end this emo-yet-not-emo-post.

Self-recorded where Jia exclaimed “got record meh?" halfway. =-="
How can she ever doubt my self-portrait skills! :P

And the proper with the one and only Marcus Cheh Mun Fai's narration.

I miss dueting with you Jia!

What song should we sing when you come?! :D

Looking forward to Marcus Cheh narrating again this time *wink*

Just by thinking positively brought up my mood.
sigh why am I so easily satisfied maybe there's something wrong with me. :|
(too much syok sendiri cells)

Take things easy, don't complicate it?
Life is too short to be taken back of what has happened?

Let bygones be bygones? lol

P/s: feeling really really happy after chatting with mee~

Gonna start reading some natural-science-which-I-don't-have-a-single-what-is-it-about-book that I just borrowed and please don't happen to me again the bank crap @)!(*$&#&@#@!# I am no high-tolerance lady when it comes to unreasonable dealings@)!(*$&#&@#@!#!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Melbourne Open House 2009.

Before MOH 2009 I wanna ask,
have I really been eating that much?! :|

Was skyping with mee, and finally I got to show her my fringe! :D

This time round skyped with ahma around to listen to both mee and I's complaints about how we've been gaining weight. And then I assured mee that it's not my upper body that is gaining weight but my buttocks + thigh + legs, practically the whole lower part of my body. I don't know why can't fats be stored in the upper part eg. breast (yesssssss I would be the first in line to be joining eating competitions if there's such meals whereby the fats will all just go to the 2 bolas *slap*) instead of the ass huh! =_=!

It just doesn't make any sense, we all know fats look perfectly perfect if they are placed in front of our body, right below the neck, right above the tummy (the breast of course) but I guess it's just the transcendental fact of human to love what is hard to get!

If fats were all to be stored in women's breast, I think by the time we human would love to have big ass instead of big breast, you know, that kind of phenomenology going on!

Duh.... annoying reality.

Okay where was I, yea! Me gaining weight!

I was eating my beloved Bulla's when mee called in skype,
and she kept reminding me of the-gaining-weight-issue:

Mummy: tiam tiam chiak (always eat)
Mummy: aiyoh
Mummy: chiak ka pui (eat till FAT)

pink4eva0227: TAH LOK WUUUU (where got!!!)
pink4eva0227: hahahahhaahhahaha

Mummy: really Mummy: !!!!
Mummy: tiam tiam chiak (always eat)

pink4eva0227: ice cream ho jiak!!! (ice cream is yummy!!!!)
pink4eva0227: AHHHHH!

*Gasp*... Have I actually been eating that much!!?! T_____T

Obviously am the only one who knows the truth and yes I've been eating a lot lately somebody save me. Blame the nothing-to-do-everyday-routine! Whenever there isn't chores, activities, once I come online the first activity that comes in mind to accompany me and my lappie is MUNCHING! Am telling you, wu boh also keep thinking of food only no matter if I'm hungry or not, so annoying! Why is my mouth so active I also dunno!! =____="

I should really stop buying extras (Bulla ice-cream, Tim Tam, Smith's, Doritos etc etc.) during groceries shopping or nobody would recognize me when I go back this year end! *sien face*

Maybe I should always keep in mind the fact that healthy lifestyle will give me good complexion, good body shape, good eye sight, good metabolism rate(duno true or not simply yack one)... whatever that makes my body good,
while unnecessary food intake will make me.... FAT.

The word fat is sufficient to scare me already.

Okay okay I do feel kinda fat lately, I wanna have flat tummies again!

Ahhhhh!! wahlaoeh need to stop craving for food liao! Should go for fruits and vege instead! Yes celeries here are super cheap! Can get the whole bunch with only $1. Maybe I should start inventing celery soup/ celery sandwich/ celery punch (wtf is that) oh and I actually included celery into my tuna mixture for MOH-day-out, which indicates a good start okay enough.

Here goes MOH day out!
Melbourne Open House 2009.

Wardrobe Malfunction?!
Jia no more la hor!
Leopard printed tights this time instead replacing THE checked one.

I've hidden it high high in the wardrobe don't worry, so that it won't tempt me to wear it again and again :|

And more pictures which somehow don't look like me =_="

laaaaalaaaaaa poseeeeeee.

Just trying to kill my boredom while waiting,
doing what girls do best :)

The first building we saw with a bunch of people lining up to get in,
Manchester Unity Arcade.

Walking on the streets of Melbourne during MOH was more enlightening than ever,
viewing the streets of Melbourne in an architectural perspective.

woooo like very geng.

The giant among the crowd!!!

Queuing up to get into FIFTEEN,
the restaurant by Jamie Oliver.

Jun Hao was hoping Jamie will suddenly appear while queuing,
we were indeed as though lining up for a celebrity to appear! :)

@ St.Paul's cathedral, which was rather breath-taking.

Cannot imagine going to the St.Paul's in London. *gasp*

Junhao with his aiming-high-shot,

Same when taking Federation Square.

Met up with Euric before our final visit of the day!

Him with his ultra small kiddo head and my hat! :P

With Euric @ Council House 2, the green building.

Thanks to the best lighting ever- sunlight.

With wild bushes also wanna take =-="

All-Hail-Vanity-Vain-Pot-LiYinism's Tip of the day:


Works for me :)

And the CHANEL flap with Kremlin's roof design.

wtf what ugly boots is that with curly hair!
Don't think just because you are CHANEL you can decieve me in buying you!

And then that night was
the night full with shrieks, screamings, and laughter :D

We had NASI LEMAK that was prepared by Euric and Muizz.

yummeliciousnessss!!! :)

Yes Poh lost and no news of her in Malaysia I see??

Nevermind, at least now she's travelling around the world from LA to Japan to work with the few best chefs of the world!

we also had the laugh of the month by watching Euric, Marc, Richard & LiMeng's AP negotiation video serious shit laugh til can die!!!!

Plus fooling around with one of the props that was used in the video,
with us striking out innocent laaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa poses.

No comments.

P/S: mee says I'm a SWT.

Not sweat, but a Sweet Young Thing!

there fore cannot use F word no more what the .... f f f f


Mee just told me there'll be a sun eclipse 2mr, advised me not to go out.
Saying that that's an omen and bad luck thing going on, (har never knew got such thing=-=")

Oh well, I'll be staying home then!
This time with my beloved flute accompanying me.
(thanks dear xinyun for bringing it over all the way from Penang! *smoochies)

Yes I borrowed a few flute music scores from Baillieu Library today! :D
woot woot! :)