Thursday, July 9, 2009

Joe's 1st day out with me in Melb!

Since Monday the first proper outing that we had was yesterday! I know what happened to Tuesday?!?! O_O" can you freakin believe that I actually fell sick are you kidding me. I know I am such a super woman and being one of the 杂食姐妹 nothing could possibly beat me down but guess what! the first thing on Tuesday I went to work from 12pm-3pm and that was the first time I felt the fatigue-ness of working, having to climb up and down the stairs over and over again has finally beaten me hands down! :(

And so I slept 14 hours straight, from 7pm-10am Wednesday morning hoorray for that O____O"

Joe's now out with her Hongkie friends for some Japanese breakfast and we'll be heading to Vic Market and some shopping later today! Feels good to have my Joe babe around, chit-chatting and eating non-stop there isn't any chances for us to get hungry like seriously =____="

@ Queen's Bridge over Yarra River

@ Eureka Tower I think I am afraid of heights boohoohoo.

@ QV mall owh it feels like Christmas! :)


quite satisfied :)
yippee dippeee dooooo woohooohoooooooooooooooo~!

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