Saturday, July 11, 2009


The main activity that have been occupying our time since Joe is here with me in Melbourne:

Joe I know we've been gaining weight together since secondary school!
Olahraga school days I remember Joe and I went to weigh ourselves and found out the breaking news of 50kg during form2/form3, and since then our weight have increased together.

Oh no Joe don't invite me when you reach 60kg! :P *slap*

seriously today sweet desserts have beaten us me hands down *bows frantically towards scones*
I guess I'll be refraining myself from Dandenong scones for the time being! O___O"
However no doubt 3 of us had a tiring yet great time having brunch together + random photo taking with LiYinism around *all-hail-vanity!*

Joe pretty-sweet-Penny & I.

Taken before reaching our destination Miss Marples.

Am telling you we 过山过海 just to have the famous scones and Strawberry jam! -___-"

and we finally reached our destination!!

The strawberry jam that is refill-able.

Of course we refilled kau kau 3 times before realizing the scones we ordered were actually 2 portions instead of 1 *s.p.e.e.c.h.l.e.s.s.*

no wonder we ate until half die half die.

Off for some Chinese food for dinner to savor my salty taste buds! :)

Hopefully we'll not gain anymore weight from now onwards ya Joe.
*finger crossed*


Camberwell Market again 2mr!
Sleeeeeeeeeeppppp..... :)

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  1. walao weh you thought i wanna gain weight with you ah! dont jio me to get over 55kg please not to say 60kg!! anyway, continue eating tomorrow until tuesday okay! =)