Monday, July 13, 2009

Joe's left Melbourne!!


Had an abrupt farewell just now at Southern Cross Station, initially wanting to sit the 640pm skybus to the airport and due to the sudden urge, once both of us had finished our Tokui sushi rolls, Joe boarded the bus with her mouth full with sushi only managing to wave good bye. Wahlao eh there was a sudden hit of emotional waves owh Joe have a safe journey and see you next CNY back in Penang with the rest of our little piggies Herng and Xinyun :)

How time flies when you are enjoying it! :( Joe has been here for more than a week and already leaving 2mr :| I know it has been 8 days, unbelievable how can it be true it feels like she has only arrived here yesterday! But hips don't lie since Joe has been here both of us have been eating and eating till the break of dawn dusk. Eating from day till night with ice-cream and desserts as supper O to the M.G :)

Time to go back to eating-at-home -tom-yum-yum-routine.

Joe's final full day in Melbourne!

Start off with All-Hail-Vanity-LiYinism pix *toot.speech.less* since Joe was busy chatting with her friends online before going out I started to make use of my beloved camera since I felt pretty today weeeeeee~ *slap*

Putting on MJ's hat as tribute O_O"

Loving fringes which allows dynamism :)

For the final full day, we decided to hope onto the free city-circle tram, the easiest and fastest way to explore the city with automatic navigation and explanation of city sights.

We ended up only dropping off at Fed Square initially planning to go to the long-awaited "Forever Barbie" exhibition but too bad it was closed when we arrived but fret not, with the life-saver-camera around there isn't any chances for us to get bored :)

Cool Gothic (?) building right opposite Fed Square with cool fierce Gargoyles.

Had Max Brennar's waffle which Sydney's The Rocks nor Pancake Parlour can compete :P

Later that night we met up with AhLiang for dinner since it was the last night Joe will be in Melbourne and off to Gelatissimo (which I will not go again) for dessert *omg* after filling our stomach.

Am still supporter of IL DELCO FREDDO all-hail-freddo, roche! :)

Today @ IL DOLCE FREDDO Lygon finally:

The Freddo that Joe finally get to eat after 3 times failed mission :P

Nice leh roche, Pandan and green tea, and durian, and strawberry, and practically every flavour under the roof! :)

And guess what we got for ourselves the other day!


p/s: Just got a call from my dear Joe and she has arrived Newy safely! :)

All the best and continue enjoying your holidays love.



  1. walao weh the pictures all so geli!!!!
    SLAPPPPPP you!! aduhai kawan! VERY THE GELI LAAAA!!!

    but i super love the last picture which doesn't have my face inside but instead substitute with our cute lil monkeys! SO CUTE !!!!

    loveeee you! i know you'll miss me! on your table light during night time heheheh muackxxx

  2. hhahahaha
    HAHAHAHHAHHAAH hahahhaah//

    wat la aduhai wanna slap till i wake up liao hior? :) where got geli la pls :P

    oh no like that die lo facebook you sui i boh sui T______T

    our pretty monkeys! lets tag ourselves once uploaded in facebook! and kesian me have to on my table light during sleep liao so sad.

    hehe love you joe definitely missing you~~


  4. hehehehhe nice ma hor my dear xinyun!!
    Joe heard that bohhhh :P