Thursday, January 29, 2009


Going G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S for the second day of Ox-pecious year.
A lot of "All-Hail-Vanity" moments on that day which results in my camera "polluted" with faces of mine =-="

Okay it's not like this is the first time :P

Wore the gold-framed-specs to aggravate the G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S "vibe"

With the brothers:

Tatt keeps on wanting to take "yeng yeng" eh pix but complained that he don't look good in the pictures.
Then I told him, "Your face is like that what much more do you expect!?! =____="

hehehehe... Tatt you still are looking good worry not :)

With Yang boy who will smile sweetly everytime I wanna take pictures with him :D
Am sure you all have realized that I've changed to center-parting for my hair since day 1 of CNY.

Trying out new hairstyle for the new year :)



"All-Hail-Vanity", or rather "LiYinism" moment going on non-stop (*____*)

Dear Mee and I with matching outfits :)

Snapped-non-stop until both satisfied with how we look in the picture while waiting for Dee :P


At Ahma's house preparing for the
Chew's Family's POTLUCK

Making "ROTI JALA" while XiangXiang preparing "SPAGHETTI SAUCE"

Ahma making sure everything turns out perfect :)

Ahma and the grand-daughters.

Later the afternoon was prayers for ancestors at Air Itam.


Tatt who is the "GINA TAO"
bullied by the nephews hahahahhaah.

the cousins who are growing real fast and slowly one by one will fly all over already @@"

The tall nephew who is 192cm tall!! O_O"



Back to Chew's family:

Yummelicious dishes from KFC to Vietnamese popiah.
And of course not to forget "YEE SANG"

Busy attacking the food when dinner's ready :D

Tatt and I who are the cameramen.

"捞生" 步步高升!

Random photo taken with all branded bags in ahma's house
which has been the topic among all the aunties.
"hamik caplang brand pun wu."

My first branded bag that I'll buy with my hard-earned moneh will be CHANEL.
hahhaha...typical since I don't know much about brands=-=.. HERMES?!

Maybe, we shall see when I've got my first million \(^O^) /



除夕和 初一

除夕夜 off to Penang Island for 团圆饭. since it's very near to 二条路 we decided to stroll through the Heritage Lanes of Penang.
I was really overwhemed by the Chinese New Year decorations which intervenes between the intricately designed ornaments of the Traditional Straits Chinese Shophouses.

Taken last year during the College trip to Penang Heritage Zone.*click*

This Sunday from the they'll have the same
along Armenian Street, Cannon Street, Ah Quee Street, Acheen Street, Soo Hong Lane and Chulia Street.

1st of February.
Be sure to be there ;)

A few snapshots taken along the way to TimeSquare Penang:

一家大小一起走 :) 

lol 年!

Many many Penang Lang in da house!

Later that night was prayers at home:

fireworks displays exploded around the house when the clock stroke 12am!
“新年快乐!!” echoed the house :)

popi popi we'll have a great year ahead.
Same to all of you my friends :)

going Yellow~ :)
photo-shooting session to make sure I look good :D

恭喜发财, 红包拿来!!
Like always mee and dee gives us "ANG POW"
while wishing us all the best in our under-takings for the year.

Many kids in the house!
Not my cousins but NEPHEW AND NIECES!!

I had the guts to carry this raptile!

At Ahma's house with another additional family member "jee kim" :)

At night at the "Lim's Family Reunion Dinner".

The 2 cute sisters whom wanted to take picture with me :)

The one on the left wants to be an ARCHITECT too!!
Since last year she had said that and surprisingly when I asked her this year, her ambition still remains the same.
Feeling excited for her :D

Me and Chia Yuan who grows taller and taller every year!
She's now 173 already! O_O"
Hope she will venture into the modelling world with her typical pretty Oriental-look which is "on-demand"
in the modelling world now. ;)

初二coming up!!