Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jia's going to Korea AGAIN! パタポン !

Yang's favourite game PATA PATA PATA PON!!
パタパタパタポン !

Since it's all conducted in Japanese whenever Yang faces difficulties to get into the next level he'll go video chatting with Jia, typing out words written on the PSP screen. I tried helping him (with my very little one-year-course Level 4 Japanese knowledge) ended up I only know the most basic YES or NO (patheticness) =-="

plus simply guessing what it means with the kanji by relating it to Mandarin.
Sometimes I can be quite accurate though so laugh not! :P

That's how Yang show Jia but Jia couldn't read anything with the super low webcam resolution.

END UP WE STILL HAVE TO WRITE, instead of TYPE, coz we freakin dunno how to pronouce the word.

I think that's ATTACK!!! with the 攻击 word right there! and with the word 见! I told yang:


 and he gave me the *STONED* look =-="

Not good learning a language halfway!

Will continue, when the lazy bumps stop bumping towards me =-="

Can't freakin see a word!! -----------------------

Jia's going to KOREA again!

Please ignore all the typo. Msn is the place full of grammatical error nobody can deny that *_*
But FACEBOOK instead of FACESHOP!?!??!?!! *faints*

Jia's going off to Korea flying from Japan only needing to pay RM1000. How great is that?!
She's asking from me shopping lists needed for facial care, knowing that I'm quite a regular customer for Skin Food (Not as REGULAR as Herng though, she's VIP liao)

Jia can get goods from Skin Food in Korea for half the price excitedness!! :D

I also call her to get pencil eyeliner from the ETUDE (pink pink) HOUSE. Coz the other time Nelly and TinTin went they got stuff for half price too! Eyeliners for only 1000 won(RM3+)!!! WEEEENESS!! :D

So now she might be going there next month, continue living her

ughhh if only I've got the money!! +_+

Nvm LiYin soon soon soon!!! :D


  1. Word of the "wise": You shouldn't be reading blog entries during office hours! You might die of internal injuries trying to control or swallow (whichever is easier, usually you don't have a choice but to swallow it!) your laughter!! LOL.

    I almost died trying not to LOL...
    FACEBOOK rasberry sleeping mask!! That is HILARIOUS.. Hahahahaha*

    *i think i did suffer from mild internal injury! ;p

  2. LOL Elaine!!!

    surprised to see you here babe! :P

    Okay so you better stop "tau gai" (steal chicken) and start getting back to work! hehehehe.. and faster invite me to your blog~~~~ we are no longer "strangers" right? especially after our siao Beijing trip!!! LOL


    WeiLian~ thanks. Glad that my post is not boring but at least a little entertaining. ;)